A Signal of Solitarity – The Hypocrits on Duty by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

Commentary from Hochblauen

A beautiful and important senctence. But only if it is in the right context. The German Foreign Minister Steinmeier (SPD = Social Democrat) formulated correct sentences, but unfortunately not at the right place. There the sentences would have been so desperately necessary! Steinmeier visited a refugee camp in Erbil, the Kurdisch autonomous area of Northern Irak. This refugee camp is situated in a school where 50 families are living, altogether 300 Yazidi refugees. And these refugees are lucky to be safe – not like in the Gaza ghetto, where the refugees are also living in UN-schools which are supposed to serve as a safe place of refuge, but which are attacked by the „Jewish defence army“ with targeted airstrikes.

Of course „Springer’s Bild“ was there with journalists and a photographer when Steinmeier was taken a picture amidst a Yazide family and well-covered by the media . He promised the refugees to help with the reconstruction so that they would be able to return to their home villages. Steinmeier continued: “ The daily pictures from Irak with murdered and butchered human beings are causing a shock and horror in the whole world, as e.g. in Germany.” There is need to show a “signal of solidarity”, Steinmeier said talking to his Irak fellow leader Hussein al Schristani!

Where is the sign of solidarity for the locked-in Palestinians in Gaza? No word of empathy for the approximately 1900 human beings killed by the „Jewish defence army“ – the people killed were mostly women and children, i.e. normal citizens! Not a word from Chancellor Merkel or from any of the other ruling or former politicians who are otherwise very fast in sending messages with such fency terms like „Never again Auschwitz“ or „Do not let us watch genocide by standing on the sidelines“. Thus they just want to justify export of armament even to conflict areas.

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Gabriel from the Social Democrats has more weightily emphasized – fitting to his weight – that he does not want to watch genocide inactively. Thereby he is showing to be open for the supply of arms to Irak. But at the same time he has tolerated genozide in Gaza.

Mr. Gabriel and all the other „human rights campaingers“ are tolerating genozide committed in Gaza by the „Jewish state“ and they even supply equipment to the Jewish aggressor!   Thus the German Ministry of Economic Affairs under Mr. Gabriel reported on Monday that submarines and impact fuses worth 600 mio. € with a discount of 30 percent were deliverd to the „Jewish state“!

However, this „Jewish state“ just utilizes these wars and attacks Palestinians in order to demonstrate her arms and recent developments on living objects to the whole world in order to keep her armament industry busy around the clock! This I already reported in my former commentaries. The slogan „field-tested“ assists the armament industry. The chief of the foreign intelligence service Mossad, major general Danny Jatomin considers good chances „to improve the armament industry“, especially as the systems has been proven successful. According to Haaretz armament manufacturers of the „Jewish state“ like Rafael, Elbit and IAI almost sell 80 percent of their production abroad – last year armament worth around five billion Euro! Nearly 150.000 places of work in the „Jewish state“ depend on the armament industry! If this is not a booming business! (1) (2)(3)(4)

„The Jewis state“ only acts in self-defence and she ist allowed to do so. But Hamas is not allowed to defend herself. She must be disarmed and is only acting on terror basis. But no – it is not that simple! Hamas is a resistance movement. The party holds office as a democratically elected government, and war has been imposed on her. For this blockade of Gaza by the „Jewish state“ and the „Egyptian pharao“ is a crime against humanity which has to be dealt with by the International Court of Law in Den Haag“!(5)

Thus you can smell an air of war lustfulness in Germany. Social Democratic politicians like Steinmeier and Gabriel, also Christian Democratic collegues like Kauder, Kloeckner and now even Merkel, van der Leyen and the Minister of Agriculture, Schmidt from the Christian Social Union, consider it as their duty to show „German responsibility for the world“. They are competing with politicians like Oezdemir of the Green party and with leftist party leader Gysi with their proverbial „creation of peace with German arms”.

Members of the Kurdish regional government ask for a supply of armaments by the Federal Government of Germany, just as well as the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs does – but in fact the “Jewish state” gets the armaments from Germany! This “great farvor“ for the battle against IS and other terrorists has adopted seemingly excessive forms like the alleged battle against German „dshihadists and Salafists“. All this is sold to us as a great danger which we have to defend in our alliance of Western community of values against all evil of the world. Can we still trust this media reports controlled by politics? We are unlikely to do so!

The propanda war, the war with pictures and words has fully flared up. The need for a “just war” has to be defended in the interest of the „defence of our Western community of values“ threatening ones own country. This idea they try to sell us! New and old stereotype enemy concepts are constructed. Russia is again enemy no. 1 and is demonized. She has a name – Putin! There is also a very bad example: The French/Jewish „philosopher of war“, Bernard Henry Levy (BHL), is again in a “war-breathing action”. In his article titled „With the war chief against his own will“ he writes about his friend, the „Ukraine field marshall“ Petro Proschenko who was sent to Paris together with Witali Klitschko and the chief of the Jewish community in Kiew by BHL. There they were to meet President Francois Hollande in the Elysee Palace.

What actually entitles this „Jewish war philosopher“ to exercise such power? Is it BHL’ formula of success to ask for military interventions à la field marshall Napoleon like in the examples of Libya or Syria by hinting at Auschwitz? You can get the impression that “the war philosopher” really thinks: I do not care who is president under my rule. I have the authority over every president from Mitterand to Sarkozy and Hollande!

I wrote about this in the online NRhZ of June 6. Here is an abstract of my commentary:

„Don’t let forget us the Jewish war philosopher and most war-mongering persons of all politicians, Bernard-Henry Levy (BHL). His slogan: „I do not care who is president under my rule!” He already adviced President Mitterand in matters of war in the Bosnian war. He supported the right-wing and terrorist Contras in Nicaragua. And he justified US-President George W. Bush’s Irak invasion. He drove President Sarkozy into war with Libya. This brought the president bad luck. Now he is driving the socialist Hollande into a war against Syria. And it happens that there will be elections in France very soon. Thus a bit of war propaganda will do no harm.

Be careful of such self-publicists and so-called professional philosophers. They think that they are on the upside. Except his wantonness for war what else does he want except selling his horrible films? Just now in Cannes he showed his film on how BHL freed the Lybiens. At the performance he presented himself together with some hooded fighters of the Syrian resistance movement. Are we threatened by another film next year titled: “How BHL freed the Syrians from Assad”? – so far my commentary.

Thus the FAZ article is a further dangerous example for war mongering and it is more than worth reading. During Schirrmacher’s life time the FAZ was a discussion forum for BHL and his horrible assumptions over and over again! (6) This mobilizes the system in an awful way – the „intellectual mobilization“ coming from politicians, journalists, newspapers and media in order to make us citizens agree with their „good intentions“ – the right to act against the alleged evil! This propaganda operats with lies and exaggerations. In the meantime it is embedded in the entire media environment with just a few exceptions. In the newspapers exaggerations are becoming a business model of sensational lustfulness. This is all the better for the volume of sales in a world of dying newspapers. It is doubtful that this business model really pays. Today a lot of alert readers have a greater choice via internet to get information worldwide! Our mantra should therefore be: “Educating yourself instead of going daft.”

Irak, the Ukraine and the „Jewish state“ have to be supported. This is the official statement – everything in the name of self-defence. Irak only got drowned in war ever since the US and President Bush invented the „weapons of mass destruction“ in order to justify Saddam Hussein’s overthrow. Not that I regret his overthrow. Even Ghaddafi in Libya had to share the same fate, because he had fulfilled his obligation to the West by keeping away the refugees. Now he was due! Thus it also happened to all the overthrown dictators with whom we had cooperated so well before. They had to dissappear as soon as they were no longer useful for us.

Husni Mubarak in Egypt also had to indure this. When he was finally deprived of his power and Mohammed Mursi, a muslim brother, came into power after democratic elections. The “Western community of values” could of course not accept this fact. Egypt had to become even more impoverished so that the Egyptian people called for a new “pharao”. About a year ago I wrote about this topic, and I was very angry about this „new old ruler of the pharao country”. (7) But in the case of President Assad of Syria the case was not exactly the same. It seems to me that if considering a possible overthrow of Assad a lot of Syrians might not want to do without him in spite of all the destruction and misery in Syria. At any rate, they do not want to fall into the „Dshihadists’“ hands.

There we have the transition to my main topic Gaza. Because Egypt under the elected military rule of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, is anything from a true broker – whether it concerns democracy or the Gaza drama. Ever since the overthrow of former President Mursi in July 2013, the Egyptian government is massively attacking all her enemies, especially the Muslim brothers. Indiscriminate detentions, non-stop life sentences and death sentences with show trials are normal. People of opposition are endlessly tortured and intimidated which is the official policy. The association Human Rights Watch makes serious allegations against the Egyptian security services. They claim that police and army are committing crimes against humanity by systematically shooting into crowds and killing demonstrators. By behaving so brutally at least 1.150 demonstrators were killed. When clearing the protest camps on Rabaa-al Adawija-square on August 14, the security services had approved to kill several thousands of people. Probably the people killed amount to about one thousand. And up to today about 40.000 Muslim brothers are imprisoned and tortured without legal aid! These demonstrators all belong to the overthrown President Mursi’s followers. All they did was to protest against his overthrow and to have a sit-in on the square.

The human rights organisation HRW rightly askes for investigations against the most important leading rulers in Egypt, as e.g. the Minister of Home Affairs, Mohammed Ibrahim, the chief of operation and commander of the Rabaa massacre, Medhat Menschawi, but above all against the former Minister of Defence and at the same time the present President Abd al-Sisi. Of course the Egyptian HRW staff was denied entrance when they wanted to present the results of their report. The methods seem to resemble each other: The „Jewish state“ also denies unwanted critics to enter Israel or she decries members of independant commissions of inquiry as “enemies of Israel”. This just happened when the UN started a Gaza inquiry! (8)

Indeed it is more than questionable that the Egyptian government acts as an arbitrator in the Gaza conflict. The Egyptian government has only one aim: to eliminate the Muslim brothers in which they seem to be successful. President al-Sisi puts Hamas on the list of terror organizations just like the „Jewish state“. He declined any kind of cooperation with Hamas and only negotiates with her indirectly. Just like the “Jewish state” Egypt is part of the Palestinian desaster. Both of them keep the Gaza-ghetto sealed off. The cross-over of Rafah situated half-way in the Gaza strip and half-way in Egypt is kept closed ever since Hamas has been voted for government in Gaza. Thus Egypt, the “Jewish state” and Steinmeier have the same interests: They want to put the control of Gaza cross-overs under the command of the security agencies, under President Mahmoud Abbas’ command and his Palestinian National Authority. There is only one aim of war for the Netanjahu government: „Peace or Hamas“!

Thus the democratic election results are always claimed to be forged. But hese results made Hamas the ruling party and to be in government. Neither Fatah nor President Abbas are elected and legitimate representatives of the Palestinians. They do not have the right to decide by going over Hamas and the oppressed people of Gaza. They collaborate with the “Jewish state”, the US and Europe. This “corrupt Vichy regime” always came to terms with the oppressors and only superficially represented the alleged interests of the Palestinian population. This regime has achieved nothing in the so-called peace negotiations by always conceding without a getting an equivalent from the „Jewish oppressor“. It only managed to receive further demands, land robbery, settlements and harassment. The collective punishment for the whole Palestinian population is untold and singular all over the world. The punishment is connected with abitrary raids and killing by the „Jewish state“ in the occupied West Bank and in the sealed-off Gaza strip.

Even the foundation of the „unity government“ did not change anything at that point. It only enraged the „Jewish state“. Thus the Israeli regime started massacres called „Brothers Keeper“ and „Zuk Eitan/Protective Edge“, and the genozide in Gaza. The massacres were supposed to destroy Hamas and collectively punish the occupied population in the West Bank.

The current negotiations on the ceasefire between the „Jewish state“ and Hamas are indirectly conducted via the Fatah representative Al-Ahmad. He had already had a central role at the foundation of the Palestinian unity government. As ever these negotiations end – they always have to do with the „Jewish state“ and its security. The security of the Palestinians is never dealt with! (9)

Netanjahu already announced that there will only be a longterm ceasefire if Israel’s „total security interests“ are guaranteed! And what about the interests of the Gaza population finally needing freedom, living in dignity without drones, monitoring and being sealed off? And what about the occupation and the permanent new settlement building? Right now new settlements are again being built illegally even on illegal outposts which are later on legalized by the Netanjahu’s government. Not a word about this is mentioned by the German Federal Government! This is a reason for great pessimism for the Palestinians and their interests concerning the current negotiations in Cairo.

According to Steinmeier’s statements it seems to be clear how the German government imagines the sealed-off population’s future in Gaza: only in the sense of the „Jewish state“.

Steinmeier talks like a government agent of the „Jewish state“: Hamas must not be a military threat for Israel and the Palestinian National Authority has to take responsibility even in Gaza! That’s how simple it is! The vanguard of „Vichy Abbas“ is already there in Gaza. The newly appointed „Gouverneur of Gaza“ is the Abbas advisor Abdallah Frangi! (10)

Concerning the current circumstances in Gaza I want to illustrate them with a heart-breaking report with DLF background of August, 13. It was sent by a good and highly estimated friend, Bettina Marx. I owe her lots of thanks for her arousing portrayals being a ray of hope in the reports on Palestine/Israel! (11)

This report should be a program obligatory for all schools and also for many politicians who only feel obliged to the „Jewish state’s“ side and security. They do have to read this report! Germany is again guilty and even encourages the „Jewish state“ to her brutal campaign against Gaza. Germany subsidizes and fortifies the „Jewish state“ with her cowardly attacks against the Gaza population being almost defenceless in this sealed-off and miserable strip. We, the Germans, also subsidize a corrupt Palestinian National Authority which is „moderate“ because she is in the monetary stranglehold by the grace of “Jewish state” and the US government.

Concerning this conflict do not forget: Not the Palestinians are guilty of the blockade of the Gaza strip and of the occupation of West Jordan Land, the Golan Hights and the annexation of East Jerusalem. But it is the “Jewish state” causing this unbalanced resistance by her human rights abuse, her breach of international law, her genocide and ethnic cleansing!

Especially as long as Germany and the United States, but also the international community are allowing or even encourage such behavior, there can be no fair solution!

Resistance becomes an obligation when occupation becomes legal! Freedom for Palestine!

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