Antisemitism campaign as a diversionary tactics!

It is Saturday, July, 26, and I sitting here almost paralized, enraged and full of sadness about the German reality. The “Jewish state” is committing genocide and war crimes. Regardless of the Muslim and Christian population in Israel, Israel insists on being accepted as a „Jewish state“.

Through this claim all Jewish citizens worldwide are made liable for the „Jewish state’s” crimes. Thus the diaspora Jewish citizens are supposed to pay a terrible price. This is even reinforced by the Jewish organisations’ and officials’ demanding of all Jewish citizens to identify with this „Jewish state“. This is how this presently ongoing campaign by the media and politics against so-called antisemitism has to be seen.

Scillfully the „Jewish state’s“ war crimes are pushed aside in favour of claiming antisemitism and hatred of Jews. Opening a newspaper these days one finds only this topic in all nationwide and regional newspapers. Listening to radio stations they also report the topic of antisemitism at anti-Gaza demonstrations.

On July 19th I was in Berlin attending the great Monday vigil rally. It was very impressive how vigil participants from all over Germany had peacefully gathered. Later on many affected Palestinians arrived in order to join the demonstration. I hardly ever held a speech to such an interested public. In the middle of Berlin, at the site of Potsdamer Platz, there were several thousand people demonstrating their solidarity with Gaza

Not even one newspaper except for the Junge Welt, not a single radio or TV station reported on this demonstration. Also about this vigil, my speech and other speeaches they just kept quiet. And why so? Because they just did not fit into this antisemitic pattern. The horrible campaign invented by the Israel lobby and their philosemite assistants only began when in Germany a peaceful protest movement and citizens initiative developed and thus seemed to became dangerous for politics.

All over the world – from New York to London, thousands of people are peacefully demonstrating with the Palestinians living there against the genozide in Gaza. Only in the German speaking areas and in France the influential circles managed to cast a shadow on the protesting people. Because a few individual derailments happening, which I certainly also deplore, this campaign got rolling on. Nowadays one calls them collateral damages of protests!

What was the aim? Distraction from war crimes by the „Jewish state“ and intimidating the demonstrators! The police was even criticized for acting carfully. Is it a surprise if people are dispraising Jews?

For the „Jewish state“ had started bombing the Gaza-ghetto. Many British and US-friends are right talk now about the concentration camp Gaza. A correct expression, because where else are there so many people locked-in in such a small area and are exposed to the Israeli war crimes?

It is also a bloody lie if the Jews/Israeli propaganda alleges that Hamas uses the poor inhabitants as „human protective shields“! Where should the inhabitants escape to and away from the Jewish/Israelis hail of bombs? In reality the Israeli soldiers of defence use Palestinians in the „Jewish state“ as human protective shields in order to protect themselves.

It is also a fact that the Zionist government of Israel keeps on robbing Palestinians of their land and always disregards them ever since the foundation of Israeli state. And it is also a fact that the Hamas government in the Gaza strip is a democratically elected and legitimate government. It is also a fact that the Jewish/Israeli myth of claiming “We have cleared Gaza” is just a sad joke.

The Gazastrip is blocked from land to sea, from Israel and from Egypt. There is no chance for the confined people of getting away.  People of Gaza are kept on diet by the “Jewish state”; they are disallowed to export or import goods and they are denied to lead a decent human life. Thus Hamas has no other possibility to remind the outside world of this tragedy other than than to draw attention by shooting rockets all of which except for one Israel was able to shoot down.

No – not Hamas has started this horrible war – it was the „Jewish state“ who had deliberately murdered alleged Hamas leaders in their car by drones on June, 29. It was the “Jewish state” having murdered several Palestinians in occupied Western Jordania. And it was the “Jewish state” looking for a reason to kill two birds with one stone, in particular to smash the newly established Palestinian unity government after Fatah had reconciled with Hamas –and apart from that to obstruct elections in the occupied Palestine and to weaken Hamas in Gaza – in which the were successful as you know.

The „Jewish state“ is always very good in distorting such facts in the shadow of other events like the the World Cup finals – as they did during past attacs on Gaza – in those times during the US elections. As always Hamas has been accused of having broken the ceasefire and always the occupied and the closed-off Palestinians are claimed to be at fault. The “Jewish state” sais she only wants to defend her population and wants live in peace with her neigbours.

This awkwardly reminds me of September 1, 1939, when Hitler justified the attac on Poland to the Reichstag (German parliament) – the actual beginning of the World War II – with the following sentence: “From 5:45 a.m. on we will shoot back”. I remembered this arrangement when the Israeli ambassador to Germany, Mr. Hadas-Handelsman claimed that the demonstrations in Berlin brought the events of Berlin in the year 1938 to his mind. This is how it happens that different reminders come up to different people!

Not Hamas ist the terror organization, but it ist he Israeli state terror which stirs up desperate people to a legitimate resistance. After all the “Jewish state” was founded by Jewish underground terror organizations like “Irgun” and “Stern” disseminating their terror with assaults against the British and Palestinians. As long as the international communities tolerate this double standard and the unequal treatment by the „Jewish state”, resistance is necessary. Where occupation becomes legitimate, resistance becomes obligatory!

Hamas is completely right if she only agrees to a ceasefire if her legitimate minimal claims are fulfilled – that is ending of the blockade, opening of the border checkpoints, free transfer of goods, free passing for the inhabitants and the release of the prisoners from Israeli arbitrary imprisonment. No more and no less! If Hamas had been paid the money still due, then no rockets would have been shot! Long since the “Jewish state” would live a quiet life, if only she would not be acting as an occupant, a land robber, a state terrorist, a committer of genocide and blockade!

Israel purposely continues to forestall the so-called peace negotiations with always new preconditions and settler activities. Without pressure from outside Israel’s state terror policy will never change. The “Jewish state” is completely dependent on US- and EU money. This plug should to be pulled at once. Sanctions against the „Jewish state“ are overdue – quite opposite as towards Russia! But there is no end in sight as long as the United States and especially Germany continue supporting the Israeli “defence policy”!

By the way: Two Pussy Riot members, Nadeschda Tolokonnikowa and Maria Aljochina, got the Hannah Arendt-Preis by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung and by the City of Bremen for their resistance against the “reactionary transition” in Russia! Just imagine „two singing chorus girls” would have behaved in such a blasphemous way in a synagoge. In Germany they would certainly not have been sentenced to forced labour and penal camp, but they definitely would have been reported to the police and they would have been made criminally liable.

In the year 2014, thus 69 years after the end of the war, it must be possible to criticise the policy of the “Jewish state” without being declared an antisemite or a hater of jews.

It is all the more deplorable if SPD Justice Minister Maas hastely denounces „antisemitic slogans“ and „anti-Jewish hatred slogans“ during demonstrations after his ministry had been awarded a prize by the Union of Progressive Jews. And then he put on more wood on the fire by saying: “Anyone who attacs Judaism in such a way also attacs the German constitutional state.“

In Berlin there was a demonstration against the „Al Quds” (Jerusalem) demonstration. There some prominent persons – from Ex-trade union boss Sommer to Volker of the Green party to Dirk Niebel (did he want to orchestrate an arms deal in his new function of an arms lobbyist?) – declared solidarity with the “Jewish state”. Why do I not hear any solidarity of important German politicians with the Palestinian murder victims? I find it intolerable that politicians like Maas, Stegner, Merkel, Bosbach and Kauder etc. mention particular „derailments“ as „enormous“– in the strict sense of there Jewish-Israeli mentors – specifically using this antisemitism accusation with academically accompanied propaganda-

I find it especially reprehensive when Bosbach, the chairman of the home affairs committee of the German parliament, a „chatterbox on duty“, mixes „the islamic antisemitism in a hotpot of an unholy coalition of parts of the political left with neonazis in almost all talk-shows. Thus Bosbach plays a dangerous defamatory game as far as I am concerned. During this DLF interview he managed to give his „fellow party member“, Wulff, a wipe because of Wulff’s former sentence: „The Islamic religion also belongs to Germany.“ He, Bosbach, sais he has problems with the following sentence: „We are a country with a Christian tradition and we have a Christian-Jewish tradition.” So this is it! Bosbach also mentioned that with migration „Islamic antisemitism is imported as well.“ There we are again at the basis of the philosemitic culture of the “Christian Zionists”, whose trail of slime crosses all parties, as I once wrote. I hope they slip on it one day!

I attentively listened to the “Bundesgauckler” (Federal President Gauck) condemning antisemitism with a smiling “Halleluja-glance“ and was almost rejoicing, and demanding more civil courage from the Germans and from the Jews in Germany when he mentioned that “these people should feel safe and well”. If these people „feel well“ – what an expression!

Therefore I warn of a spezial treatment of German citizens of Jewish religion. They are citizens with the same rights and obligations like every other German!

Yes: Israel, the „Jewish state“ is also a murderer of children, Yes, Israel commits war crimes and the persons responsible have to be judged by the Den Haag Tribunal of war crimes. This fact must not be diverted by this untold antisemitism campaign. We should not fall into the trap of this campaign.

We should all go to this demonstrations against the genocide in Gaza with our head held high! Do not let yourself be intimidated!

This is your right and the right of all of us as German citizens!

“The only democracy” of the Near East, the „Jewish state“ denies the same right to the Palestinians in occupied West Bank. Up to now over there nine people were killed after solidarity demonstrations fort he Palestinians in Gaza.

Meanwhile Lufthansa has taken up flights again against the explicit advice of the association „Cockpit“, i.e. the pilots. Probably Lufthansa had to do this due to political and economic pressure. In this case the Israeli government contradicts herself.: Are the Hamas rockets dangerous or not? The “Jewish state” has Iron Dome for defence reasons. Therefore she is not endangered – or is she endangered in spite of Iron Dome? What is correct? After all one of rockets hit a house near Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and destroyed the house.

Anyway I am of the opinion that each person travelling should think twice whether he of she should travel to „the Jewish occupant state Israel“, and if so he or she should travel to the occupied areas in order to support the Palestinians who need every Cent!

While I am writing this annotation, the 12 hour ceasefire is drawing to a close. But Israel was still allowed to throw bombs on tunnels, and in the meantime the number of murdered inhabitants of Gaza has increased to 1000 dead. In addition health aids found another 85 dead bodies under the bombarded houses.

In Paris US Foreign Minister, Kerry (called “the Nebbich” by Haaretz) and the EU Foreign Ministers negotiated about a four hours extension of the ceasefire and for an even longer amistice! And what will happen then?

I feel helpless and powerless. For us only remains protest! Solitarity with Gaza – we are all Palestinians!

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