Fariss Wogatzki Interview with Muslim-Markt Dr. Yavuz Özoguz

Fariss Wogatzki interview with Muslim – Markt; Dr. Yavuz Özoguz


In an interview with the Muslim market (Muslim-Markt; www.muslim-markt.de)

Fariss Wogatzki, author of the book „May no one say he did not know it!“


Fariss Wogatzki (born 1971) is descendant of an Arab father, who moved to the GDR in the 1960s and a German mother. His uncle Benito Wogatzki (half brother of the author’s father), was a famous novelist in the GDR.


Since 2010 he has worked in the public sector, in the metropolitan area of Munich. For the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 his book „May no one say he did not know it!“ got published in the Zambon publishing house. For the realization of the 470-page solidarity book with the suppressed Palestinians, he promoted the production and waived the author’s fee.


MM: Dear Mr. Wogatzki, what moved you to write the book „May no one say he did not know it!?


Wogatzki: Through my homeland of birth I have received a socialist school education that has both the causes of German fascism, the consequences of it, and that is essential in relation to the present, the resulting lessons drawn, consistently rejected fascism. Never again Fascism !, as a central pedagogical and social content has practically lived. Consequently, the GDR was a brother and a friend state of Palestine. It should be noted that from the anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist basic action of the GDR, since 1991 anti-Semitism, even fascism has been said. Naturally, this allegation is unmasked in its falseness only by the obvious propaganda.


MM: How did the title of the book come about?


Wogatzki: The title is a quote from the inspirational humanist Noam Chomsky. As is known, the internationally renowned scientist was described by Zionists as the „O-Ton: Ordinary Anti-Semite“. As already widely used, anyone who is labeled as „anti-Semitic“ for his internationalist commitment, peace work, and commitment to the freedom of Palestine finds himself in an excellent society of people with virtually ethical actions.


My motivation for writing the book published by Zambon Publishing House in October 2017 is when all the facts from Israeli racial delusion to targeted killing have been documented, as exemplified by the executions of Nadeem Nawara and Mohammad M. Odeh Abu Daher on Nakba Day 2014 outside of Beitunia needed action. If everything is known and obliges history to never again speak against fascism, then Israel must be called consistent as murderer and perpetrator state! From massacre Deir Yasin (1948) to massacre Cast Lead (Tzuk Eitan, „cast lead“ 2014) and all daily and everyday crimes are known worldwide.


MM: Do´nt you move on a critical path; straight in Germany?


Wogatzki: It’s basically that way, I too have to abide by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. But no human-created law or higher-level legal entity can ever force another person to conceal crimes; my fellow human beings, even if they live 3000 km away to vegetate, refuse my solidarity no one has the right! I am first and foremost obliged to my conscience. No law that was not agreed with me as a human being can oblige me to ignore my fellow human beings in whatever form. If a man who commits himself to the freedom of humanity is compelled, for whatever reason, into an obligation which contradicts humanity, then the necessitant has seized this right solely through the power of the strongest. Then the stronger will deal only with injustice, but never with humanity.


It is also my duty as a humanitarian to give the Palestinians, who have been suffering from Israeli crimes for 70 years, with the means at my disposal, solidarity in practice, that is, following the purely ethical actions of people for human beings. As a human being, I do not have the right to pronounce and act wrongly or wrongly, for the sole purpose of fighting human wrongdoing.


MM: Your book begins with a foreword by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski. How did that happen?


Wogatzki: I would like to initiate the answer to your question with a reminder. On March 24, 2016, at the time unarmed, wounded, on the ground lying 21-year-old Abdel Fatah al-Sharif by sanitary murderer Elor Azaria in front of the camera, executed at close range. Five months before this murder, Fadi Samir Mustafa Alloun, just 19 years old, was being chased through the streets of Al Quds on 4 October 2015 by a fascist settler mob. Near the Damascus Gate, the young man was shot dead by an Israeli policeman under the mob: „Shoot the son of a bitch, what are you waiting for!“ Shot 7 times behind. Also, this targeted killing is available online as a video. The Israeli fascist mob entered the body of the Palestinian. It is not necessary to mention that this unarmed murder victim was subordinated to the Israeli statement of killing by the „knife terrorist“, by „stabbing“ in a standard low manner.


Let us recall the severe maltreatment of Ahmed Hamed in front of the camera. In a provoked „clash“ in which the only thing left to the Palestinians for their rightful hand defense, throw stones, was beaten up by Mistara’avims, under vile brutality, fixed by IOF mercenaries and secret agents, by another Mistara’avim Firearm shot in the leg, further beaten, seriously injured, dragged across the street, further abused, abducted.


MM: … what does that have to do with Mrs Hecht-Galinski?


Wogatzki: Evelyn Hecht-Galinski wrote in her powerful commentary „The Root of All Evil“ on March 30, 2016: „If there was any evidence left for the crimes of the“ Jewish Defense Army, „this last week was dreadfully confirmed again. Not for the first time, a „Jewish Defense Soldier“ shot a Palestinian seriously injured. […] These incidents could be continued for several pages. „


Her words caused me to stop being silent, to act! Her poignant comments have been moving me for a long time. If I am a sentient being, if I have recognized the causes and consequences of fascism, then I must also voice the mandatory obligation against any human rights crime. This, of course, includes real existing Israeli fascism.


I wrote to Ms. Hecht-Galinski at the beginning of March 2017, told her about my book project. My inquiry answered her with a call. In this first call, we talked for 75 minutes, understood each other soon. Since then we have been in regular telephone contact, our mail exchange as well as my monthly commentary on their website testify that different birth cohorts, geographical distance, different family histories, also other systems in which we grew up, people with ethical conviction get connected.


MM: Mrs. Hecht Galinski writes in the foreword that the book is a reference work for her. What is that supposed to mean?


Wogatzki: Yes, that the book can basically be understood and used as a reference book is correct. I followed a principle while working on the book, namely: not repeating what the rational part of humanity knows and would never deny, the Nakba and all of them following, in fact, documented Israeli serial crime.


My concern and approach was to use examples of the present and recent past, of which there are so many in the apartheid state of Israel, to present the life, the battered life of the Palestinians, unpretentious and tangible. The rich and exemplary representations I related to the increasing in Germany philosemitic anti-Semitism Islam hates, specifically fomented hostility to Muslims; the complete inhuman ignorance of injustice to the Palestinians, which is superordinate to Zionism. Here, in order to substantiate this fact, I leave the big pages of opinion, from “Bild-Zeitung” to “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, from program scientists to reputable scientists, from trend writers to specialist literature, everything flowing into consideration.


MM: What can the reader look up in the book?


Wogatzki: Exceptionally much! From >> talked << government lessons from war and fascism, these known, as it formulated international scientists in the 1990s, reduced to the murder of Jews, the suffering stories of millions of other victims of German-fascist history have disappeared. Up to the German national proliferation of injustice in Israel’s colonial system, Forcing hot spots, erosion of national cohesion, arms sales, submission to the war-tirring dictates of the United States, the exploitation of developing countries, securing economic interests. In addition to the German journalism of the opinion-forming large sheets in Germany, which I regard as a trash press, to grotesque agitation propaganda broadcasts financed by tax revenues, I am equally devoted to the international press. Similarly, international online newspapers, films and reports of mass murders of Palestinians, targeted raids, nocturnal raids, manslaughter and house searches. In summary: Apartheid and racial mania in Israel. I note the spiritual and character neglect of the State of Israel. My testimonies do not represent sentiment towards Israelis, but explicitly the Israeli government that despised me, including all the persons who accuse it. That this includes, to the German shame, many persons of the public life, can be found in many examples.


I focused my attention on statements by artists and cultural workers, international human rights activists, authors and scientists, from parliamentary speeches to prohibition of mayors in Germany. And I countered all the denial of Israeli war crimes and human rights crimes demanded by the federal government, the mockery of history, and examples from the most disgusting German history. In my book, I raise the question, not only as the Chancellor said: „Do it always have to be comparisons of this kind?“, When she actually claimed that facts of Israel critics is only „anti-Semitism“ „as a supposed criticism of Israel The same is true of the Federal Chancellor’s statement: „… these are 60 years of challenges in the fight against threats and for peace and security.“ And the reader can answer, among other things, the question: How is it? a man in a high leadership position on such unprovable assertions, this set up, while the founding myth of the State of Israel, as well as its now dishonorable 70 years is well known .. As humanity knows in Germany, the Merkel `neer ’new territory‘ puts everything. From cute cat videos to Israeli militarism, parties with beer, camping gear and refreshments, at s celebrating the removal of the bombing from Gaza. The title of the book is based on the facts about Israel.


MM: Do not you fear the charge of conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism?


Wogatzki: My book is based on freely available knowledge content that can no longer be removed from the digital world. Anyone wishing to speak here of conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism, Islamism, left-wing right-wing radicalism, fascist communism, and such nonsense could, as it seems to him (her), not want to understand otherwise. Meanwhile, humanity knows very well: Facts do not lie, just because they are denied.


As a humanist and author, it is completely the same to me, what could be blamed or not, what to deny not even the minimum standard dares. It’s not about pleasing, because it’s about truth.


Thus, Ms. Hecht-Galinski is quite right when she says that for her the book „May no one say he did not know it!“ a reference book. The reader can open any page and will find that he can start reading there without having to read the previous one. No matter which page is being read, that only what the text presupposes is the use of reason. Anyone who begins to read for themselves useful on the first page of the book finds extensive coverage of a nation whose subjugation is also Germany’s fault. Refugees in the deportation camp Holot, German-German fragility management, freedom from bias ?, German-Israeli financing in the absence of repayment, irreparable redress, dissenters, human butchers, guest workers; from Heinz Reinefarth to Moshe Dayan, from the Adenauer`schen „Schnuppe“ over the Basic Law of the FRG to the everlasting Räsondoktrin.


MM: In your book you also address very critical terminology, such as „Child Murder Israel“. Will not that be used against you? In your opinion, is it permissible to say such a thing in Germany, when it is prohibited by the authorities during demonstrations?


Wogatzki: I do not think that the term „child murderer Israel“ in its factual determination in itself critical, because only the truth is due. But it is very critical to express the inevitable truth in particular Israel’s child murders in Germany. But what should be done? Should I lie too? Should people lie against people? Should the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people be hushed up so that the killers of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun, Ali Saad Dawabsha, Muatazz Washaha, Arafat Jaradat, Mustafa Tamimi, Vittorio Arrigoni, Juliano Mer Khamis, Tom Hurndall, Rachel Corrie, Issa al Qatari, Mohammed Sinokrot, Omar Robert Hamilton, Abd al-Rahman a-Dabagh, Mona Abu Tabaq, thousands more people can commit everlasting crimes, under abuse of the Holocaust? The world community is also informed about the murder of the four children, playing on the beach of Gaza. I have written down clearly what does not allow other words, no other terms to the understanding of.


If it is forbidden in Germany to identify facts of Israeli actions with and through appropriate terms for finding a truth, then we are dealing with the suppression of fact and opinion. If that is the case, it shows the aspect of voluntary state abstention and the acceptance of child killing.


MM: In your opinion, is it possible to say such a thing in Germany at all, when it is forbidden during demonstrations by the authorities?


Wogatzki: If, as has already happened, Palestinian activists are subjugated and sealed by Judaism in the media, but also judicially by reinterpretations and „mine“, because the condemned Palestinian activists pronounced the facts of the infanticide by Israel, defacto is a decreed, unprovable assertion Palestinian activists. Whether this can also be the case, will be explored once.


Further constitutional means against convicted facts outside are exhausted. Ultimately, subordinate to anti-Semitism has no handle against unsubstantiated allegations such as „my actually hatred of Jews“ and or abstruse such formulations.


Opinion oppression from subtle to clumsy through mental failures of pseudo-journalism and opinion-logging are to be promoted by influence, freedom of education and anti-Semitism Financial trials are required, activists must be tried in the pursuit of the freedom of all people, readings by scientists must be prevented, cultural exhibitions banned, citizens are to be sued for freedom of expression, anti-Semitic tone must be placed on truthful expressions of opinion, and demonstrations – if not prohibited Side streets are exiled from the public.This is the content of „my“ book. „

However, this should not prevent a person, not even Germany, from resolutely advocating human rights for all people.


MM: Do not expect attacks from the Zionism lobby?


Wogatzki: Who was not yet in Germany because of his fact-based statements with abuse and insults trafficked. Günter Grass, Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Walter Herrmann, Giuseppe Zambon. Prof. Norman Paech was reprimanded by the party leader Gysi, he may hold back with his factual criticism of the criminal facts of Israel to the Palestinians.


Like so many humanists, they, too, were defiled by the abstruse insinuation of the „anti-Semite“. In addition, you were not only the malicious lie assumed, but also, so the lowest propaganda in the mood is complete, with the value Western term „Islamist“ proves. This insinuation is full of stupidity only the malice contained therein to force the hatred of Muslims to be established. The factual term and the free naming of the fact that Israel is also a child murderer has been proven internationally.


„To be honest, you should say you do not need to be a world expert on international law to know that Israel committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip in 2009. Reports from groups like Break the Silence and the local UN representative proved it before and after the Goldstone report. So it was not the only proof. The images we saw on our television screens and the ones we saw on the scene only tell the story of a criminal policy of deliberately killing, hurting and maiming as a collective punishment. „Said Ilan Pappe on the human rights crimes.


MM: … You do not only call Israel a child murderer, which is certainly viewed critically …


Wogatzki: There can never be a factual reason why truth about its content could be critical. In my book, I say, of course, Israel is not just child murderer. Israel is also, if a concerned Israeli citizen is a Zionist or beneficiary of Zionism, Israel can also be an extremely benevolent state. But Israel is also a war criminal, a human rights criminal, acting similarly in his actions of other terrorist regimes. The book states: „Ever since the Israeli army murders of Palestinians, mainly youth and children, are available worldwide on Youtube and other channels. The statement is: Israel is carrying out targeted killings, a proven fact. Nobody says: In 1980, Prime Minister Olmert brought along a chocolate bar in a supermarket.“ If the rulers in Germany, also the ruling system, does not suit the Zionism in Germany the facts are called what they are, only truth, and thereafter through manifold intimidation (from medial defamation to judicial show trials) democratic, the Basic Law Inherently invalidates inherent values, then the citizen’s primary duty is to protect these basic values, to oppose injustice.


MM: … but the antisemitism legule should be safe for you …


Wogatzki: It is well known that the term anti-Semite applies to anti-Semites, not to people whose utterances are proved to be facts. If I say Elor Azaria is a murderer like Menachem Begin was, then the last thing that statement is anti-Semitism. Nobody, other than Zionism, who is consuming Judaism, comes up with the infamous claim to label truth anti-Semitism.


The fact that Israel murders Palestinian children as a state power can today only be denied by the person who is required to deny this fact and to reinterpret it as „my actually hatred of Jews“.


It is clear that defined terms and factually accurate statements on the current non-existent criminal case „International Criminal Court ./. State of Israel“ that the irreversible fact „child murderer Israel“ is reinterpreted as anti-Semitism is the direct renunciation of all that the story of 60,000,000 dead, the German-fascist megalomaniac, an enlightened humanity in education is available.


I wondered at work to book, where stops call-murder, suspension of free expression of opinion and where begins right bow. Also, whether human history already knows such. M. Feiglin said, „This quote is widely known in Germany, too!“ I have killed lots of Arabs in my life and there is no problem with that. “ That’s Arab hatred. This is Palestinian hate. This is not „mine“, but the racial craze for admitted murders of Arabs. The racial ideology of Rabbi J. Ovadia, revered in Israel, is well-known. He said that Haaretz read: „Right wing rabbi’s ruling: Israel totally destroy Gaza if necessary – Haaretz / Dov Lior“ (Fariss Wogatzki; he would not have known! „Zambon Verlag 2017)


MM: Do not you have to give up a lot for this book?


Wogatzki: I hold the firm opinion: Give up everything, only not the freedom of thought! If it is true what a man says, he does not say it because he wants to believe the other, it is true, for because it is true, truth alone shall be spoken. Nobody should care about the threatened consequences of the truth. If man gives up the freedom of his spirit, he gives himself up. He gives up what distinguishes him from the animal. He also agrees to surrender to a free will, superior arbitrariness and surrender any power over him to third parties.


Let’s see that the people of Palestine have never lost their humanity in 70 years. We can build our own humanity with Palestinian courage. And if we are honest and courageous enough, we all know that what we say is just what the whole world has long known.


MM: What has the conflict over Palestine to do with the growing incitement against Muslims and the hatred against Arabs and Turks in Germany?


Wogatzki: Let me be brief: Any insult to people’s creed is unjustifiable. When Muhammad caricatures, the prophet of all Muslims, purposefully violates the feelings of over two billion people, as the French paper „Charlie Hebdo“ did, for example, it is the deliberate insult and instigation of hostility towards Muslims. Nobody is „Je sui Charlie“ nor who else or what. Every human being is human.


If in Germany Islam is „spotted“ on „-ism“ and Muslims on Islamist daily in the media, incited into contexts and / or in fictional connections to hostility to Muslims is the despicable. If soon open hatred of Arabs and Turks, of Islam by the unilateralized media power in both clumsy ways like the Springer products, or the m.E. ideologically similar, but intellektuell scrambled SZ, Zeit & Co. is stoked, then it is to be examined: What interests pursue authors, editors, journalists, publishers, owners and supervisory boards, in which circles and bridges are these people involved? And everyone finds out without any lengthy effort that German standardization journalism is strictly interest-driven.


MM: What needs to change?


Wogatzki: „If there is still time for human reason, it will have to result in a compelling change among the people, that Israel will not openly express hatred […] in Germany through its department heads Knobloch, Schuster & Koll – against Islam It also fuels enmity against other religions, fuels capitalism, the greed of imperialism and the already heterogeneous social fabric. „


Let’s remember the speech of Turkish Prime Minister R. Erdogan in Davos in 2009. He said: „We know how you killed and shot children on the beach.“, And shortly thereafter the mental stupidity in the German press is revealed: “ Gaza scandal in Davos – Erdogan storms from the podium – He got into a rage, arguing with the moderator. „The free-to-air video shows nothing of the kind, but the subtext was delivered. Rather, it can be seen on the video, as Peres picking up his headphones frugal, the factual statements of the Turkish Prime Minister does not show the least respect.


It is incompatible with the basic German right to freedom of religion, its dignity and free exercise, and is in blatant contradiction, when Islam is soiled in a permanent loop against a world religion against whose faithful people are agitated without any punishment in religious and human humiliation alone.


MM: How is this related to the confusion of Judaism and Zionism?


Wogatzki: If Zionism continues to be allowed to abuse Judaism as part of religious and, above all, cultural values, the Jewish entity is being stolen, the equation is Zionism, that is, the racist ideology based on land grab and occupation that is Judaism , a particularly perfidious anti-Semitism. The hatred against Muslims promoted in Germany, the agitation against Arabs and Turks is an enmeshed enmeshment potential of the hedonistic, on the satisfaction of the lowest instincts, a Zionist capital crime against the Palestinian brothers and sister faith sister; imperialism.


Zionism, which is rampant in Germany, is fueling Islam hatred. The German-Zionist propaganda stands in direct causality with the ignorance of the disenfranchisement of all Palestinians. This includes all Muslims as well as the Palestinian Christian and Jewish confessions that lived together peacefully in Palestine for centuries.


It encourages the decomposition of society at every back door, sniffing at every corner of the street for a kind of antisemitic background, while at the same time promoting Zionist perpetual propaganda, expanding marginalized groups, and suppressing the decaying imperial character of ideology.


Undoubtedly criminal and human despicable is that the West German arrogance to the harm caused by millions of Palestinians is not finished, the human misery so blatantly indifference.


MM: Organizations calling for a peaceful boycott of Israel are being criminalized in Germany. How do you explain that?


Wogatzki: It is known that the criminalization of the peaceful BDS movement is based solely on ideology. The international BDS movement is the legitimate and legal right of all people to stand up for the rights of the Palestinians. The resulting nonsensical and still unsustainable criminalization is inherent in the imperialist, Zionist system as a distinctive feature of its destructive power.


It is the criminalization campaigns against the international BDS movement for the complete denial of the Palestinians. It is the criminalization of the robbed human rights of the Palestinians. Consequently, international resistance, like the people of Palestine, becomes an object of crime. Palestinians become objects of criminalization because of their being. Let us remember exactly how the Israeli procedure against Palestinians presents itself. So it is Palestinian state-Israeli intervention per se, so by their being not as humans, but as „terrorists“ to classify.


Who would deny that this practice is not known by the German-fascist history, when Jews were robbed of their humanity by racial ideological redefinition of their being, and so their deprivation of rights and extermination was driven all the more brutally. On the names: animals on two legs, snakes; but also Arabushim, sand nigger, to historical repetitions like: Arabs to the gas chambers, it is abominable, is to refer. So, as the Palestinians are criminalized because of their being, their interests, represented internationally by the BDS movement, are criminalized.


„The Israeli journalist Nitzan Horowitz asked in the Israeli newspaper“ Haaretz „the question:“ How could the world remain silent during the Holocaust? „, And she answers with:“ Just as she does in Aleppo. „The crime is found solely in the criminalization of the international liberation movement for the people of the Palestinians.


Like Mrs Hecht-Galinski, Norman Finkelstein, Vittorio Arrigioni and many more upright people, Noam Chomsky’s words need to be understood to stand up, to be actively helping the weak. Otherwise, as he says, „If the general population continues to be passive, apathetic, addicted to consumption and full of hatred for the weak, then the powerful can do whatever they want – and the survivors will look at the rubble.“


MM: Mr. Wogatzki, thank you for the interview.


Parts of this quoted text are in the author’s book: „May no one say he did not know!“ taken. Published by Zambon Verlag 2017. Sample, as well as figurative facts on www.faresfalastin.wordpress.com


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