Doppelstandards auch in Großbritannien

Warum erhalten in Großbritannien jüdisch-israelische „Friedensbildende“ Organisationen, sechsmal soviel Staatsgelder, wie palästinensische?  Warum bekommen palästinensische Bürger im illegal besetzten Palästina keine Unterstützung, während israelische Palästinenser Zuschüsse bekommen, um das Zusammenleben mit den Besatzern zu fördern?

Are Israelis six times as likely as Palestinians to be in favour of peace? Are Israeli civil society organisations six times as expensive to run as Palestinian ones? Or is the UK government deranged enough to believe that spending six times as much money on Israeli peacebuilding organisations as Palestinian ones doesn’t speak to an extraordinary bias against the Palestinian people?

Thanks to a question from Labour MP Joan Ryan, the Foreign Office has now confirmed that they will be funding eight Israeli peacebuilding organisations and just one Palestinian equivalent this year. The Israeli organisations will receive £851,000 in funding while the Palestinian organisation, the Jerusalem Community Advocacy Network, will receive £141,000.

To be clear – some of these organisations are brilliant. Yesh Din is receiving nearly £200,000 and documents Israeli human rights abuses persistently, much to the irritation of everyone who supports Israeli human rights abuses. Terrestrial Jerusalem will receive over £50,000 to continue their photography work detailing the occupation of Jerusalem, and have recently called out Netanyahu for “manipulative race baiting and incitement.” Rabbis for Human Rights, who will receive over £100,000, have a title which is broadly self-explanatory; their most compelling projects include challenging land confiscations, re-planting olive trees looted by illegal settler gangs, and advocating for bedouin rights.

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  1. Couldn’t one see it this way: the Israeli society is in much greater need for political and moral transformation, as the Palestinian is ready for peace.Who blocks equal rights? Who continues occupation? Who controls everything and everybody? Who is in control of the only international airport? Who of ports? Who keeps Gaza under blockade? If things have to change, they are almost all on the Israeli side of the wall…There is, it seems, much need for peace building efforts… in Israel! The Palestinians are ready.

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