Legitimate Aims!

Commentary from Hochblauen

Legitime ZieleThe definition of murder has long passed the ride line. Benjamin Netanjahu is prime minister of the „Jewish State“ who complacently calls herself „the only democracy in the near east“. And this prime minister justifies the purposeful murdering of three of the commanders of the military wing of Hamas as a” great success“ by talking about these three commanders as „legitimate aims“. This means that finally “this Jewish state” has bidden farewell to all democrativ values. However this farewell seems to have become an easy prey, as these democratic values were never really there.


Benjamin Netanjahu


After all this state and her right of existence were based on expulsion and terror against the Palestinian native population right from the beginning. The “Jewish state” was never interested to live in peace with her neighbours but pursued land robbery for the settlement of her Jewish population according to the Zionist basic idea. Never forget Nakba, the catastrophe of 1948 that has grown to an enormous tragedy up to today. The Zionist movement was unrestrictedly spreading with the help of Jewish terror organizations. And it was continously expanding like a octopus with ever growing arms across the former Palestinian land.   But the “only Jewish democracy in the Near East” was never satisfied. There was more and more land robbery for an increasing number of settlements, and more and more occupation and blockades in order to claim this land robbery for its own „security interests“. Of course you do not feel safe on robbed land. An of course you as a „burglar and thief“ can hardly live without persecution and opposition. This is how it would normally be the case! But not in the “Jewish state”. With the help of the United States and Germany the „Jewish state“ is allowed to commit war crimes, genozide, collective punishment, deliberate assassination, occupation, settlement and blockades and all this in the name of “self-defence” of the “Jewish citizens and the Jewis state”!


Even during the war in Gaza the German black/red great coalition GRO/KOTZE supplied the „Jewish state“ with arms, detonators, submarines worth 600 mio Euro! (1) Even the former German ambassador in Israel, Rudolf Dreßler (SPD) – surely counting as a friend of Israel – demanded an immidiate stop of supply of arms to Israel. His reason: such exports would be contrary to „our laws“!


Rudolf Dreßler


It is a scandal as this German Federal Government supplies the „Jewish state“ with armaments! I can only sneer at that we do not supply arms to areas of tension? Palestine always was an “area of tension”, and all German governments supplied Israel with arms against her “enemies”! And what about the tanks to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? But the Development Minister, Mr. Müller made a faux pas when he accused Katar of supporting the IS militias.

The Federal Government quickly had to dissociate herself from this unproven accusations! (2)

Of course after these strong words the Europeans had to do the same: right in front of the EU movement there was France immidiately declaring the supply of armement to Irak (BHL????). Great Britain, Italy, the eastern European countries will also follow just like Germany. Why this skirmish about the supply of armament? This „lechery for selling war and armement“ is stretching all the way across the German parties!


It has again caught my eyes that the „Jewish state“ always operates under the name of Israel but in reality she wants to be recognized as „Jewish state“, e.g. “Israeli soldiers kill”, but when a child had died, this was reported as a “Jewish child was murdered”! In the Gaza Ghetto the “Jewish defence army” murdered about 450 Palestinian children!


But I was very much impressed by the important notification of the 327 Holocaust survivors and their descendants in NYT.(3)(4) In this notification the signatories – right in front my friend Hajo Meyer who died a few days ago, on 23th of August, 2014 – wrote the following sentences which I partly want to recite (a special appreciation you will find on my website): “…we are disgusted and outraged by Elie Wiesel’s abuse of our history in these pages to justify the unjustifiable: Israel’s wholesale effort to destroy Gaza and the murder of more than 2,000 Palestinians, including many hundreds of children..” The signatories also blame the United States Israel for its Gaza operation, and the West in general for protecting Israel from condemnation. “Genocide begins with the silence of the world “. (5)


Elie Wiesel


Elie Wiesel – the „Nobel peace laureate of dispeace“ –in a notification compared Hamas to the Nazis! This horrible notification of Elie Wiesel was published by the New York Times and Washington Post and even now under some pressure also by the British Guardian. Only the British Times remained steadfast and refused to print this horrible hetz lie of this disputed Nobel peace laureate and “advisor of Obama and Netanjahu“! By the way, there are also rumours about lies in his Holocaust descriptions. (6) (7) (8)


There is another shining example which can be recommended for immitation! “Jewish activists” interrupted speeches by Jewish officials like the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, or the former Israeli ambassador Oren when the latter asked for donations for the Jewish state’s war crimes during a benefit event. I just imagine that Jewish activists would disturb a similar event in Germany! What a day! (9)


The premier minister of the „Jewish state“, Netanjahu’s twitter fits in in this same propaganda pigeon hole when he equated IS with Hamas and even used the video on the US journalist Foley’s decapitation. (10) (11) CNN also showed the Foley decapitation video in order to show at close range the terror making it necessary for the US to act and to stir up the world! (12)


Meanwhile I see similarities between IS and Israel rather than when Natanjahu compared betweem IS and Hamas:

IS: Significant Number of Europeans

ISrael: Significant Number of Europeans

IS: Illegally Created „State“

ISrael: Illegally Created „State“

IS: Using Religion as Excuse

ISrael: Using Religion as Excuse

IS: Terrorising Indigenous Inhabitants

ISrael: Terrorising Indigenous Inhabitants

IS: Founded by the West

ISrael: Founded by the West

IS: International Community Ignores Crimes

ISrael: International Community Ignores Crimes



Prime Minister Netanjahu is commanding state terrorism by the „Jewish state“ and ordering the most moral Jewish defence army to commit purposeful murdering as a legitimate entity. He also orders the army to look for „legitimate human aims of murder“ without regards for normal citizens just in order to kill them. This is just as bad as the IS commanders who are committing murder and destruction.




Do you still remember the torture pictures of Abu Graib in Iraq? Did this unrestrained hatred of muslims – especially boosted after 9/11 – not literally provoke the IS or Al Quaida? (14) (15) Do you still remember Guantanamo, a further eyesore of the „US savior’s“ agenda? (16) (17) Is there really a diffence when US-President Obama commands deployment of drones and purposeful murders every „Killing Tuesday“? (18) 19) (20)

How repulsive is it when Obama, Vize Biden or the former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Clinton, watched the murdering of Osama bin Laden by US-troops on TV. With relish they were watching this execution while having lunch! (21)


What does one think of a “Christian democracy” and of „peace saviors“ where death sentences are common and which can publicly be watched in order to show the delinquents’ long and miserable death agony? (22) (23) Then it sounds like mockery when this „drone king Obama“ accused the IS of „committing genocide to an old population and that these terror militias show no esteem for human life.” And Obama continues that these terrorists “are out of place in the 21th century. It is like a cancerous ulcer which has to be removed.“ One can plainly see Bush and Reagan in front of us, how they gave lectures on the evil! And when the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Kerry, talks about “the evil of the world“ and the „ugly, cruel and unexplicable evil of the world“, then Bush’s platitudes and the „axis of evil“ has reached Obama and co.


May one really talk about “estimation of human life“ in the US and the „Jewish state“? Why is Obama keeping quiet about the genocide in Gaza? Why does Merkel and the German government keep quiet about the genozide in Gaza? Why has the Merkel government never mentioned any word of sympathy about the people murdered in Gaza? Or why has she and the government not expressed their sympathy with the German relatives of their German-Palestinian seven-headed family who had been murdered in Gaza by the „Jewish defence army“? (24) Why does Merkel have talks with Catholic and Protestant top officials on September 14th in Berlin when the President of the Central Council of Jews, Graumann asks to stand up against the hatred of Jews? (25)




In fact, we should all- stand up against the „Jewish war crimes“ in Gaza, against the occupation and the embargo. It is a shame when the German government and the Christian churches allow themselves to be used by this „anti-semitism slogan as a diversion from Jewish war crimes“. This is illustrated very well by the Near East expert Michael Lüders (26), especially as the Ministry of the Interior has observed that anti-semitism has decreased! (27) In contrast the Springer print media – this time Welt and not the tabloid newspaper Bild – interviewed former Russien/Jewish immigrants fabulating about the scaring anti-semitism in Germany and therefore thinking about emigrating. Such reports are so polemical and campaign-driven that it is unbearable. (28)




I shuttered in disgust when I saw that Chancellor Merkel – „the bearer of hope for just one day, actually for 6 hours – travelled by air to President Poroschenko – the „Ukrainian armament oligarch“ – in order to “celebrate” his 23rd Indipendence Day. En passant Merkel promised to help Poroschenko and his right-wing supporters with about 500 million Euro. She also reaffirmed her solidarity to his facist supported government, of course everything in the name of Ukrainian „self-defence“ against “evil Russia“ and “demon Putin”. Considering “self-defence” Merkel is a willing and understanding partner, because Netanjahu, Poroschenko, all of them let their soldiers murder people „in self-defence“! Even in her latest ARD summer interview – after a telephone call to Netanjahu – Merkel defended the right of self-defence and the protection of the “Jewish citizens”. Only Hamas is guilty. Not a word of empathy for the Palestinians in Gaza. This “Christian Zionist” will never change. She earned each of her Jewish prizes! And „Marshall Merkel“ is also generous in giving tax money away as a present to „war mongering states“ – and all that in order to fight for what is good. I consider it as a shame that Russia is treated with such arrogance after only 69 years after the end of the war!




On Sunday it was promptly reported that Ukraine wants to invest money worth billions for the military buildup! Voilà, this is how peaceful Ukraine is. And she demonstrated her combat strength against Russia with a great military parade at Indepence Day! (29)


An her is the result: murdering in Ukraine continues. Murdering in Iraq, Libyia and elswhere continues. Genocide in Gaza Ghetto continues. Furthermore, it even becomes more and more violent.


The „Jewish state’s“ drone flights across other independet states continue; right now a „Jewish drone“ approaching an Iranian atomic plant was shot down by Iran! Well done! (30) Up to this Sunday, August 24th, 2106 Palestinians were murdered by the „Jewish defence army“ in Gaza Ghetto! More than 70 percent were civilians, women and children! Then Netanjahu asked this poor, helpless people of Gaza Ghetto – demoralized and enclosed by the „Jewish bombardments“ – to leave their houses where Hamas was said to have hidden arms. This demand note is a disgraceful request and it shows the true hideous face of this man and his supporters! (31) No words of criticism were coming from Merkel, Steinmeier or other ministers.


These „Jewish racists have to be stopped“ The majority of the Jewish citizens of this „Jewish apartheid- and occupying state“ openly confess their racism. They continuously plead for the Palestinians’ deprivation of rights and discrimination of the Palestinians! They are mostly satisfied with themselves, their state, their government, the breach of international law, the breach of human rights by their politicians and their army. They support the occupation and blockade and they feel well with their Iron Dome. It is upsetting to see how this society gets along well with their hatred and their racism against the Palestinians! Latest surveys of Haaretz confirm the sad condition of this „Jewish-racist“ society! We should all stand up against this “Jewish war crimes”, against the “Jewish occupation and blockade”, against further assistance, armaments and other cooperation, be it militarywise, political or cultural! The Palestinians need our help! (32) According to UNICEF hundreds of thousands of children and others in need immidiately need help! Where should they go in this expanse of ruins and inferno?




Before Steinmeier and the EU governments think of building up and restoring Gaza which they are going to pay for – costs that were caused by the „Jewish occupying state“ – actually they should be paid by the perpetrator. Israel should also be prevented from further genocides. It is rather unhelpful to deny Hamas government’s legitimacy and only to back „Vichy Abbas and al-Sisi, the coup pharao“ as negotiating partners: especially as Netanjahu announced to continue with the war and the destruction of Gaza. The „Jewish defence army“ had made an apartment tower to collapse without any warning. Thus 48 families living in this building were made homeless, and 22 people were to a great part seriously injured! (33)


The „Jewish state“ assumes the right to act against all rules, and the global community keeps watching. There are only “legitimate targets” – for how long! The moral human limits of decency have long been transgressed by the „Jewish state“. Even dogs stopp fighting against each other when the rival lies on the floor. But this “Jewis state” even kicks on the enemy lying on the floor, being defenceless against these attacks and unfit for action! What a “Jewish hero”!


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