No solidarity with „Jewish“ war crimes! A chutzpah!

Today on Sunday, August 3, I am sitting here and I am disgusted by the German Jewish functionaries’ chutzpah. My worst fears have shown to be true: the antisemitism campaign was successfully instigated as a distraction campaign from the „Jewish state’s“ war crimes. Almost all media jump on this and zealously continue with this campaign. I am reading now in different newspapers that the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter „David“ Graumann, complains of the lacking solidarity „for us Jews“ considering the prevailing wave of antisemitism.


“We Jews don’t allow to be lead astray”


With such a statement the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany finally out-maneuvers himself from the German society! His struggle for a spezial status and a spezial treatment encourages antisemitism.
But they are German citizens of Jewish faith, aren’t they?
Is this really correct, if Graumann unilaterally takes the „Jewish state’s“ part and her war crimes in such a way?
Not we, the Jews, but the functionaries adopt this kind of attitude and try to take all Jewish citizens into joint liability.
The Muslim citizens in Germany are not anti-Semites. But they rightly turn against the unjustice and the massacres of their sisters and brothers in Gaza committed by the „Jewish defence soldiers in Israel“! We should pity the over 1.800 murdered Palestinians in Gaza. 400 of them were children and over 80 percent of them were civilians!


Dieter “David” Graumann – read the FAZ article – Dieter mir graut vor Dir (= you are a horror for me)!

Graumann expressively excepts churches and the political elites from this critics. Also his predecessor, Charlotte Knobloch, always associating herself with the „Jewish state“ unbearably instigated this antisemite debate in several speeches and interviews. She also wrote an open letter to Jürgen Todenhöfer. She left me stunned by her stupidity and malice.

German politicians like Gauck and Merkel, and explicitly Steinmeier immidiately expressed their asked-for solidarity. I will elaborate on this in detail. This German „elite“ lacked nothing better than to offer this „anti-Jewish hatred“ campaign to „Springer-Bild”, a German spezial newspaper for „Israel friends“. Just now three journalists of Bild visited the fascist „Jewish“ Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman with a „sign of peace“ and allowed him to proclaim his racist thesis!

The so-called “elite” using philosemitism just wants to defame any criticism of Jewish war crimes as antisemitism. I can only look at them with disgust. But their intention is only successful as long as society can be can be told that these campaigns imply the full truth. I can only repeat over and over again: Israel insisting on being recognized as „Jewish state“ will have to get used that worldwide Jewish citizens are also made liable for the Jewish war crimes. Of course I can see that Israel wants exactly that in order to ride the „antisemitism wave“ connecting it with Anti-Israel-war crime demonstrations.

It is disgraceful if solidarity with Jewish war crimes is requested.

It is disgraceful if German politicians and church representatives take part in this.

It is digraceful how Muslims with migrant background are to be denounced as antisemites. Of course there are nasty reactions.But is one not able to understand them, when one looks at the massacres committed by the Jewis soldiers in Gaza? Needless to say that those are Jews who brutally murdered children in Gaza and then claim them to be collateral damages!

And it is a fact that up to today in Gaza more than 1.766 Palestinians have been brutally murdered – among them hundreds of children and 80 percent of them civilians – by the “Jewish defence army”!

More than 9.320 Palestinians were injured. According to the information of UN relief agencies one fourth of the Palestinian were driven out of their bombed houses. More than 254.000 of the 1.8 million Palestiniens in Gaza found shelter in one of the 90 UNO-accomodations. This Sunday one of these lodgings, a school in Rafah was bombarded. 3.000 refugees had found accomodation there. Ten Palestinian inhabitants died. I have rarely seen such horrible pictures in Al Jazeera, such as those, with seriously injured persons, with torn up children and dead bodies.

It is digraceful how the “Jewish defence army” tries to deny these events by making terrorists out of these civilian victims.

It is also disgraceful when this immoral „Jewish defence army“ keeps on emphazising to beware civilian victims. Exactly the opposite ist he case.

In this context I also want to hint at the beginning of this Gaza attack by the „Jewish state“. Not Hamas started it by shooting missiles into the „Jewish state“, but the „Jewish defence army“ killed several Hamas leaders just waiting for an opportunity to topple the new unity government. Then at the correct time the incident of kidnapping the occupying settler sons and Talmud students happened. Up to now this incident is unresolved. The occupation army kept quiet about knowing of three students’ death. They took the opportunity to accomplish a collective punishment on the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank pretending to find the three abducted boys. Thus they hoped to be able to destroy Hamas. They quickly looked for alleged Hamas members as delinquents.In the meantime it turned out that this account did not correspond to the truth. Last weekend BBC correspondent Jon Donnison reported that Israel admitted that Hamas was not responsible fort he killing of the three Talmud students in occupied West Jordan land. On Twitter Donnison said that the Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld had told him that the suspects for killing the settler sons belonged to different cells affiliated to Hamas but they did not act under their guidance.

No wonder that nobody hears anything any more about these „Hamas murderers“. However, this moral „Jewish defence army“ had destroyed the alleged suspects’ houses and had made their families homeless.

Do not forget the three Jewish murderers’ revenge when they burned alive a young Palestinian. Were these murderers’ houses also destroyed? And does one still hear about them?

It is a fact that this asymmetric war of the Jewish occupiers against the occupied Palestinians is always equated by the media. 1760 murdered Palestinians as compared to 66 Jewish victims, of which 63 are “Jewish defence soldiers”. But these Jewish victims have the advantage of being officially bewailed by the Israeli media. Newsreaders are dressed in black. The whole country mourns the soldiers without thinking of the occupied citizens. Criticism in the “Jewish state” is unwanted and dangerous, as fascist racism has embraced the whole „Jewish state“ from top to bottom. Politics has worked to this point ever since the foundation of the state. Israel’s reputed aim – the final expulsion of the Palestinians – is always drawing nearer.

Was it not almost identical, when officially the “Jewish defence army” did not observe the ceasefire, which was not observed before at any rate. It continued with even more airraids, sent even more ground forces and seperated Rafah into two parts? And why all that? At last Hamas was even falsly claimed to have “kidnapped” one of their Jewish soldiers. Even here they get a spezial treatment: a soldier ist not „kidnapped“ but captured.

Even yesterday I wrote on my Facebook page with a link to Ali Abunimah. I wrote that these „Jewish comrades“ had probably killed this comrade by way of precaution during the tunnel fights. So he would not be captured by Hamas, just as it was in fashion in the times of the Vietnam war against the Vietkong!

Why on earth do German media always adopt the propaganda or their films made by the „Jewish defence forces“?

Today we got news that this allegedly abducty, Hadar Goldin, was already killed during the tunnel fights. It is especially piquant that the „Jewish army“ refers to a report of the spezial commission under the leadership of the army chief rabbi. According to this “medical and religious considerations“ indicate for the death of the allegedly kidnapped soldier.

Strange – these resemblances. Because of the alleged kidnapping turning out to be the soldier’s death during the tunnel battle, there was now a pretense for blood and thunder in Rafah. Perhaps it was not a normal but a delibarate death. Especially this special commission under “chief rabbi command“ demonstrates what has remained of the much-heralded humanism!

For almost four weeks the “Jewish defence soldiers“ are residing in Gaza. Criticism from outside is autistically suppressed and only inspire politicians to their shameful activities.

The USA still back up the „Jewish state“ and continue supplying the army with new arms and money: It does not matter whether US-President Obama quarrels with Premier Netanjahu, whether US-Secretary of Foreig Affairs had been spied on by his Jewish friends, as the German Spiegel magazine reports. Thus the government of the “Jewish state” could better use the information of the so-called peace negotiations for themselves or could torpedo the latter. What else has to happen for the Jewish lobbyists in order to lose their influence on the US government? When at last does international pressure work? Against Russia and Putin they managed to resolve to pressure.

However when it comes to Germany I am very pessimistic – but only when it comes to the official statements. But the public opinion does not support the “Jewish state”. The latter has lost every legitimacy by committing genozide in Gaza. The “Jewish state” is armed with tax money, arms and warships from the West. Germany has also burdened herself with guilt by supporting this kind of policy.

But what can one expect of an SPD Foreign Minister Steinmeier who fully follows the line of Central Council of Jews and of the “Jewish state” in the newspaper Jüdischen Allgemeine of July 31. In this he assures Israel to “the common cause” and solidarity with the “Jewish state” by adopting the arguments of the supporters of the “Jewish war criminals”.

The Federal Government and Steinmeier are drafting a “peace plan” with the intention of destroying the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza and of deploying the “Palestinian National Authority” in Gaza by fully responding to the “Jewish and Egyptian proposals.

It is the Netanjahu government’s defined goal to end this war and this campaign „Tzuk Eitan“ (tower of strength) without the consent of Hamas. This means that Israel does not have to compromise with the Palestinians e.g. concerning the Gaza blockade. Instead the army wants to destroy the last known tunnels, the so-called attack tunnels of Hamas. Then they are able to report: „Mission fulfilled“. How it will then continue is not clear at all. Only a few of the army command want to occupy Gaza. It seems to be more likely that the army will be in control of a strip west to the border fence. Thus Hamas will come away empty-handed (Karsten Kühntopp, ARD and SRF)!

It is sad but true, even the retired leader of the workers party, Amram Mitna finds this „a good solution“.

All the politicians of “the Jewish state” are in accordance with the Minister of Foreign Affairs to strengthen the „Vichy Abbas Office“ so that they can deprive Hamas in the Gaza strip of her power and that the Palestinian National Authority “gains a foothold” in the Gaza strip.

In addition the “Egyptian Pharaon-coup-government“ is supposed to control the passage from Gaza to Rafah. Indeed, this is how one imagines a real alternative for the occupied Palestinians in Gaza, in the very terms of the „Jewish state“, of Steinmeier and the United States!

One of the last remaining peace activists like Yariv Oppenheimer of „Peace Now“, correctly utter warnings, because: “Next to us another people is living, and we are always thinking that we can exploit these human beings at our convenience, that we can continue with the occupation and that we are able to maintain the blockade”.

Yes, that is how the “Jewish occupants” envision that! And while they make plans for the future of the occupied Palestinians, these bombarded and closed off human beings are not asked. However, they will be chased away and killed by the „most moral of all armies“.

Chris Gunness, the speaker of the UN-relief organization expresses it as follows: “Gaza is unique, people cannot run away. They also can no longer hide anywhere.

Brave new Steinmeier world! Shame on you!

For how long does UN-Secretary General Ban Ki Moon still want to accept that these refugee accomodations are bombarded by the „Jewish army“ without naming the real culprits. They are not dead Hamas persons but dead people murdered by the „Jewish defence army“.

It is terrible how such a kind of policy is planned not in the interest of the closed-off inhabitants of Gaza and their elected government. The policy is only in the interest of the occupants. Of course millions will pumped into damaged houses of the concentration camp of Gaza – the damages caused by the „Jewish state“. Instead sanctions should be applied and all assistance be stopped. If Israel’s pending payments would finally be paid to Gaza, there would be no missiles any longer.

I only hope the the occupied people of West Jordan Land do not put with the treatment of their sisters and brother in Gaza.

Hopefully it will not be successful to install a puppet administration of „Jewish mercy“ and to their convenience in Palestine. This intelligent Palestinian people deserve new and good professionals and free elections, neither an occupying army nor a “Vichy collaboration administration”.

The demands of Hamas are clear and correct: The border checkpoints are to be opened and there has to be an end to the blockade. These are the correct conditions for a ceasefire which would bring about lasting peace without rockets. But the “Jewish state” feels justified concerning these „one-sided demands“ and is allowed to do everything while the occupied people are supposed to accept their being killed by the „Jewish defence army“ without any resistence.

By the way the Egyptian dictatorship and coup government is made „kosher”. Let us not forget how this government behaves towards the closed-off people in Gaza: closing them off and making unaccetable demands to Hamas always in accord to the „Jewish state“ instead of opening the border checkpoints at once. This is omitted assistance!All these governments have to be summoned to the International Court of Justice in Den Haag“!

Merkel is a „Christian Zionist“ who always full of understanding for the „Jewish state“. This evening she is attending the Wagner festival and a great opera drama. She is leaving alone the whole „Gaza drama“!

Gauck is speaking again of „civil courage“ and is not omitting these platitutes in any of his „federal sermons“ whether it be alleged antisemitism or anything else. But today he met the French President Holland nearby, in Alsace at Hartmannsweilerkopf in order to commemorate the outbreak of Worldwar I a hundred years ago. At least Hollande commemorated Gaza in his speach: „The history of France and Germany shows that collective goodwill may bring together former „sworn enemies“. Thus the current commemoration could be message for all those having given up all hopes for a peace process in the Near East, Hollande said. All efforts have to aim to a ceasefire in the Gaza strip in order to end the civil population’s suffering.” This is a difficult endeavour considering the fact that the „Jewish state“ wants anything but peace!

I ask all German politicians to show civil courage and turn against these horrible war crimes and against the occupation and settler policy in the „Jewish state“ offending international law. This would be totally in terms of our democratic constitution.

No community of share values with the „Jewish state“ treating with contempt all the values of international law!

No reason of state concerning the “Jewish state” and her pleaded pretention of security only meaning security for the occupants instead of security for the occupied people!

The “Jewish state” would immidiately feel safe, if she would pursue a democratic policy of community of values. But Zionism and racism in the “Jewish state” forcloses such a democratic policy.

Take the example of Great Britain where even the British Foreign Minister, Philip Hammond, felt sympathetic with the British citizens’ outrage about the situation in Gaza. He wanted to react to this. Hammond stated in an interview with the “Daily Telegraph” that thousands of E-mails had been sent to him, and he was most impressed by the fact that not only the Muslim population had reacted to the events in Gaza, but the general public is fealing embarrassed by the pictures of the Gaza strip on TV.“

Of course, the British public has no Richard Chaim Schneider of the ARD who mostly acts a journalist understanding Israel. Even his article in the FAS of today speaks volumes justifying the assertion that arms were hidden in mosques and UN schools destroyed by the „Jewish defence army”! There is a characteristic link of Electronic Intifada, where in a video Ali Abunimah shows how „Jewish defence soldiers” bomb a mosque in Gaza and how they dedicate this distruction to their killed comrades! Another proof of the moral of the „moralist army“ of the world!

There are always the same propaganda platitudes our German media present us for brainwashing purposes. Hamas is using human beings as human shields and misuse mosques and schools as arms cache! For this reason I always watch e.g. Al Jazeera in English or other foreign TV stations. Thus I can be sure to be informed extensively by “Cross Talking”.

Once more, I know what antisemitism is, and I fight against it wherever I come across it. But this campaign proceeding these days in order to camoflage war crimes and the causes for the horrible occupation and blockade – they are a disgrace. It is also disreputable if Germyn Muslims or inhabitants with migrant background are insulted as antisemites if they want to let off steam against the „Jewish war crimes“.

Here we are again with the antisemitism campagn for diversion purposes! I disagree demanding of Muslim people engaging themselves with the Holocoust. However Jewish citizens are not interested in the Nakba and keep just denying it. In the “Jewish state” its remembrance is even punishable.

Demonstrations against this policy of the „Jewish state“ are a civic duty. We are not antisemites if we condemn these „Jewish soldiers“ and politicians imposing and committing these war crimes, this occupation, settlements and blockades. At times, we may even condemn them with drastic but true comments.

If occupation becomes legal, one has the duty to resist!

Civil courage is called for: let us express our protest!

Freedom for Palestine, freedom of expression for all of us!

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