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That the majority of this country pursues a policy at the expense of democracy, human rights and the rule of law without guilt, is frightening! Jewish Right-Wing Extremism and Bibi’s Election hit „Annexion“ (annexation) Evelyn Hecht Galinski Those who still had doubts, should finally be better informed.



That the majority of this country pursues a policy at the expense of democracy, human rights and the rule of law without guilt, is frightening!

Jewish Right-Wing Extremism and Bibi’s Election

hit “Annexion” (annexation)

Evelyn Hecht Galinski


Those who still had doubts, should finally be better informed. “Jewish state”, Zionism and democracy are mutually exclusive. When the beginning of the Passover feast with the first Seder begins this Friday night, it would be time to liberate the country not from bread crumbs but from far-right political politicians who want nothing more than religious Zionism as the weapon of the eternal Judaization. This affects not only the oppressed and occupied Palestinians deprived of their liberty, but also the secular Jewish citizens of Israel.

Pious lie – far from equality

How can an allegedly modern and cosmopolitan state submit to Jewish laws and let itself be ruled by a rabbinate, which acts like a state authority, subjecting marriage and family law to these laws and thus justifying women in divorce or other problems? makes individuals delivered to these orthodox men.

Again and again, Islam is accused of suppressing women’s policies, but Judaism and Christianity are presented as modern and progressive towards women, which on closer inspection proves to be a pious lie. As long as women – even in Israel – can not freely decide about themselves in all respects, get exactly the same wage for equal work, ie a true equality exists, as long as we are still a long way from this equality.

Religious Zionism, with its ultranationalist, civil law-contradictory nature, has become the powerhouse of the “Jewish state,” with the unstoppable rise of a Judaistic clique that has repeatedly made reference to the “God-chosen people.” Old Testament perspective and focused entirely on Jewish religious matters, this decades-long international law-contrary policy with increasingly ruthless annexations.

Easter and Passover as the central celebrations of the year should be a reminder to change this destructive policy. The Jewish Passover recalls that God led the Jews out of Egyptian slavery. What a scorn for the Palestinians living under decades of Israeli occupation! Although it was really time, if not by God, then at least by himself called “Christian” or “Jewish” politicians to lead the Palestinian people from the occupation. For if they were to act on the true “Judeo-Christian values,” they would never allow the criminal Israeli policy toward the Palestinian people.

Departure of the far-right camp

If there ever was a left in the “Jewish state”, then this illusion has long since dissolved. After this election and the upcoming fifth term of Netanyahu, we are witnessing a departure of the right-wing extremist camp, which can rejoice euphorically in the annexation and transfer frenzy. “Jewish state” and “Jewish people” combined in a Jewish hegemony are the ingredients that lead to a state poisoning that is second to none. Who speaks of the occupation, the occupation or the Palestinians? Educated in a Judaistic education system, which distributes Zionist brainwashing as the only truth from birth, young people are quickly becoming enthusiastic about this state policy. Therefore, it is not surprising that just so many young people have chosen the far-right parties and are enthusiastic about this ideology.A phenomenon that we are currently experiencing more and more.

Why did Netanyahu’s hate campaign attract so many young people?Because he masterfully mastered himself and his interests from the beginning. After various laws against non-Jewish citizens, the national state law was then the culmination of his perfidious one-sided policy of injustice.Palestinians became more and more lawless and withdrew more and more. It was also foreseeable that the Palestinians were boycotting the elections more and more, as they could foresee the outcome. Thanks to the liberal newspaper Haaretz, it became known that Likud had tried to use cameras to spy on Palestinian voters, prevent them from voting and intimidate them, and achieve the final delegitimization of Palestinian citizens. “Out-of-town election observers”, ie settlers and national religious.

No place in the “Jewish state” for non-Jewish citizens

However, the excitement about this blatant violation of law was limited. All this should have led to a cancellation of the election. The police department was silent and the chairman of the election commission wants to “examine” the case. Everything should get better at the next election.Nothing new in the “Jewish state”. No matter who had won, there is no place for the non-Jewish citizens in the “Jewish state”. The main thing about his electorate is the annexation of the occupied West Bank, announced by Netanyahu, as the annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights and the claim to the whole of Jerusalem as the “undivided capital” of a “Jewish state” – all in contravention of international law, but promising in that state and in this electorate, which does not respect international law.

The comparison of the blocs, from right-wing extremist to secular Zionist-secular, reveals that there are virtually no real differences, because neither of these camps stands for peace, for an end to the occupation or an end to settlements stolen Palestinian soil. All unites the “security” – same occupation policy “as a raison d’etre of this” Jewish state “armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

That the majority of this country pursues a policy at the expense of democracy, human rights and the rule of law without guilt, is frightening!This fateful policy is strengthened by Trump, the USA, the lethargy of the EU and above all Germany, which has learned nothing from its history.

“Total War” against the enemies of Israel

Not only the Palestinians have to reckon with increasingly bad measures, no, even the Supreme Court must expect disabilities of his work. The last government has been trying to get a so-called “overruling clause” in Parliament, which would put an end to any democratic judicial review, which would allow the Knesset to revise Supreme Court rulings, as the Supreme Court had in the past tried to from time to time object to government decisions. The next step would be Netanyahu’s attempt to prevent a corruption charge and his conviction with a tailored immunity law. This could be done with the help of a new, willing Minister of Justice. In conversation is Bezalel Smotrich of the “Union of Right-wing Parties”, an alliance of right-wing extremist factions demanding a complete annexation of all areas conquered in 1967. One of their “leaders”, the proud racist and avowed homophobe Rafi Peretz, wants the office of Minister of Education!They announced during the election campaign that they wanted to build a new Jewish temple on the Haram al-Sharif, demolish the mosques there and wage a “total war” against the enemies of Israel.

Are we not too familiar with such sentences? Said by eventual members in a coming Cabinet of horror, led by the “eternal Netanyahu”. Anyway, I get goose bumps!

Greater Israel: the country where racism flourishes

Just as Netanyahu was against “Arabs,” “leftists,” the media, and justice, it brought him the much-desired success. Without a clear opposition, he will lead the “Jewish state” further into the Zionist-racist abyss, to the taste of his disciples. He is the right-wing populist messiah, the new king of the Jews, who wants to lead his great following in the long-awaited Greater Israel, the land where racism flourishes. His uncompromising path to a lawless apartheid state will accompany us for a very long time, his right-wing extremist annexation campaign was a hit and led Bibi to success!


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