The Civilized Arms of the Community of Values

Commentary from Hochblauen

The battle cry for total war Goebbels so successfully used in the Berlin Sport Palace in 1943 in order to get the German population into the right mood for starting the next level of the war, has not forfeited any of its efficiency. This battle cry is still a phrase for brown dumbasses! However this propaganda has made the German people alert up to today because they do not want to be fascinated by politicians and their big talks. After all two thirds of the Germans reject operations abroad according to surveys! Most Germans consider war as a failure of policy based on their own painful experience!

But after 75 years and 69 years since the end of the war again we have to experience a Russia hunt of the worst sort by the German media and „civilized politics“.

In fact Putin and Russia and her fight for the Crimea and the East Ukraine are compared with the „capture of the remaining Czechoslovakia“ and Hitler’s attack on Poland. The fact of the matter is that separatists fight for their legitimate interests in the east Ukraine with Russian support. A Cremlin spokesman emphasized last Saturday that there is no clash between Moscow and Kiew, but that it is an internal Ukrainian matter. The east of Ukraine should remain part of the country, Putin said.

In the Germyn media I have hardly ever experienced that a president was demonized in such a way, in an almost equally controlled and an overall media war of the worst kind. No insulting and abusing word directed against Putin and persons sympathetic with Russia was left out. And the new creation of insults have grown to almost manic episodes. Putin is stylized as an undemocratic monster as such. Indeed, I have to confess that I also belong to the “persons sympathetic with Putin”. In fact I consider Petro Poroschenko, his right-wing friends and his aggressive policy as a threat. This “armament oligarch” emphasizing his best side is an artificial product of the United States and of other „civilized supporters“. I feel chilly to hear Marieluise Beck, the Green spokeswomen for Eastern Europe, and her husband, Ralf Fücks, the head of the Heinrich Böll foundation, when they talk about Poroschenko and the Ukraine! (1)

Very early they were romping about the Maidan and unilaterally took sides for the Ukraine. But they were in good company with many like-minded persons. I only wanted to illustrate with this example how the Ukraine coup was carefully prepared.

No provocation was left out in order to present Putin as a warmonger. In fact Russia was made to look like a fool and was tormented mercylessly. I totally agree with Putin when he compared the Ukrainian army with the German Wehrmacht when it besieged Leningrad.

Poroschenko reminds me of Netanjahu. Both of them always talk about peace but mean war. Both of them are supported by a “civilized community of values” under the leadership of the United States. To my mind this Ukrainian government together with the fascists and right-wing battle groups do not represent our „civilized community of values“! Poroschenko wants to send even more of his troops to east Ukraine and is starving for more armament supply from the EU.

Allegedly NATO plans an Eastern European NATO Response Force (NRF) which is also supported by Canada. Thereby NATO intends to provoke Russia with ever new sanctions and threats. There are rumours that Poland, the Baltic countries and Canady even intend to blockade the NATO-Russia Agreement Act so that it is easier to deploy troops in the East near the Russian border. Right now Germany still refuses to join this war plans against Russia! But how long will this be the case?

In the meantime the EU announces that further economic sanctions are in preparation by the EU-Commission, like e.g. finance sanctions and „punitive measures in the energy sector“; new persons belonging to the „pro Russian forces“ from the region of Donbass are also planned to be sanction blacklisted! The US already praise the EU readiness for further sanctions. They closely cooperate with the EU and other parties in order to make Russia accountable for her „illegal actions“ in Ukraine, the spokeswomen of White House declared! We, the EU, as recipients of orders by the „eavesdropping friend“, the US – what a constellation!


75 years after the beginning of one of the worst wars of aggression from German territory – with a death toll of more than 27 million Russians – Germany together with some Baltic states are thinking about the possibility to “come hard” with sanctions against Russia! Media columnists and politicians – from the „war Gauckler“ to the chancellor and her ministers – try to make „law and order tasks“ palable to us. These clever dogs make a mistake if they think that we have to take part in this kind of “crisis management”.

When the former green Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joschka Fischer, forced Germany into the Kosovo war with his „Auschwitz metaphor“, in order to prevent „ethnic cleansing“ – meaning the displacing of various peoples in Europe – he always forgot the „ethnic cleansing in Palestine“! What a breach in a dam between the Red and Green party! Since then a storm of interventions was provoked in a more and more unrestrained way. Politics – contrary to the German population – had lost all scruples of taking part in military interventions.

When now on September 1st – the day of the beginning of the World War II in 1939 – a special meeting of the German Parliament was convened with the topic of armament supply to a Kurdish group in Northern Irak, I have to consider this as a provocation. Really this meeting is orchestrating the way to a German and global war doctrine dictated by NATO and the United States. Finally we have a breach of taboo – the abandonment of the German restraint. We are back on track!

Up to very recently Germany was only an onlooker in the ongoing wars. But now the country is involved in the great arms deal. Which means that arms are also supplied to crisis areas with flimsy arguments, like e.g. to the „Jewish state“ so that they can „defend themselves“. We are no longer making a fuss to abandon our noncompliance attitude, and we are now taking part in the battle against the „axis of evil”. Whoever belongs to the “evil” politicians decide to their convenience and to their own aims.

IS-Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

75 years after the beginning of the war, Germany has sent her army soldiers to worldwide operations again, of course all these operations for the „good thing“ and in the battle against terror. Yes, German politicians like the Social Democrat Minister of Foreign Affairs, Steinmeier, are right: „Not only by doing but also by omitting we may become guilty”. But by which criteria politics decides if Germany will embark on taking part in wars or not?

What is different between the state terror of the „Jewish occupying state“, the genocide by the „Jewish defence army“ against the enclosed and helpless population in Gaza and the atrocities against the Jesides or Christians committed by the IS? Is it only the fact that this terror group under the leadership of IS-chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi provoces the „Western community of values” with their cruel deeds?

But we are also experiencing cruel deeds in Gaza when the “Jewish defence army“ exterminates whole Palestinian families and attacks the population there with deadly airstrikes in densly populated areas. The Israeli government always acts under the pretext of being in action against “terror”. We did not even send any sickbay ships or any other humanitarian aid to Gaza during these dirty „Jewish massacres“ against the enclosed population! Was this not a denial of assistance and far from any civilized action? Does one call this a “Christian-Jewish community of values”?

What happens instead? Soldiers of the German army will soon be sent for „training for tunnel and house-to-house fighting“ to the „Jewish state“! No sickbay ships are sent to Gaza but submarines to the „Jewish state”! How phoney is this when Steinmeier, Merkel and so on always tend to look away when „Jewish terror“ is concerned!

It is not the UN-soldiers’ task to observe the ceasefire on Golan? Thereby the UN becomes complicit in the Israeli annexions and the occupation of the Syrian Golan which is against international law! How dishonest is it when Kerry wants to construct new confidence between neighbours and wants to support them with economic construction. Who has promoted this disaster from Iraq to Afghanistan and elsewhere by wars and by purposeful drone murdering? The United States caused this with their morbid demand for hegemony. Thereby they justify all acts of war and interferences!

Terrorists or freedom fighters? What is different with the US supported Free Syrian Army Fighters (FSA) as compared to the IS-fighters when they decapitate six fighters of the Islamic state? Is a decapitation more civilized if it is committed by US supported FSA people? Was beheading the journalist Foley more horrible because it was committed by IS fighters? What is to be valued differently when it comes to drones and airstrikes committed by “civilized states”? Purposeful killing and arbitrary acts of war are not civilized! (2) Is it civilized when the „Jewish state“ robs Palestinians and occupies their land? Is it civilized if Germany actively takes part in this „civilized occupation, blockade and ethnic cleansing“?

Volker Kauder

After coming back from Iraq, Kauder, CDU parliamentary party leader, supports supplying the Kurds of Northern Iraq with arms. He also considered it as a “normal procedure” when the German parliament was only informed after the government’s decision, as the parliament must not decide on the details of the delivery of arms. This might be formally correct but it is definitely not „civilized“! Yes, Mr. Kauder, the „Peschmerga fighters are waiting for our assistance“, but also the Palestinians wait “for our assistance” in their struggle for freedom. According to this Kauder terminology the Palestinians are also massacred. But he forgets the Palestinians. Here again there are double standards, because apparently the Palestinian struggle for freedom is seen differently from that in Northern Iraq.

Yes, Mr. Kauder, your reasoning for supplying the Kurds with arms exactly fits to the help the Palestinians would urgently need for the battle against the „Jewish expulsion”.  I am quoting: „The Christians are at home and also have their birthright there and therefore we cannot allow them to be chased away”. End of citation!

Chancellor Merkel, the new „queen of the dispossessed“ takes the same line. On the „day of native Germany“ of the German expellees she was awarded the first golden bagde of honour for her committment considering the documentation centre on flight, expulsion and reconciliation in Berlin. This honour was of course also a way of thanking the federal cabinet having decided for the June 20 as a nationwide memorial day of expulsion!

Merkel’s speech of thanks would exactly fit to the Palestinian expulsion, which of course she did not mean as a „Christian Zionist“ and „sympathizer of Israel“. She only addressed the misery of the refugees in Syria and Iraq! Merkel’s citation: „One should also raise one’s voice against the expulsions of today. This is always wrong and can never be justified!“ Thus Kauder and Merkel select the expellees! Merkel remembers the 14 million Germans who had been expelled after World War II and had lost their home country. But she does not think of the 6 million expelled Palestinians who have lost their birthplace, their culture and their language in the diaspora. This chancellor of the German expellees supports a more than contested position with her sympathy for the revanchist expellee organizations.

Finally the expulsion of the Palestinians must become a talking point in German politics. It is a German duty to call a halt to the government of the „Jewish state“ on her way to the „final solution of the Palestinian Question“. Already in 2009 Premier Netanjahu said: „The job has not been done“! He repeated this sentence after the preliminary ceasefire. According to this principle of land robbery the „Jewish state“ announced on Sunday that the military administration had declared 400 ha occupied Westjordanland west of Betlehem as „state land“! The Palestinian owners have only 45 days to turn to the military appointment commission, an administrator said. However after having experienced similar expropriation cases the civil rights movements assume that this land will be randomly expropriated in order to built additional illegal settlements. So much for a Palestinian state or her peace negotiations with this „Jewish occupying state“!

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas


It is the „Jewish state’s“ aim to destroy Hamas and the unity goverment of Palestine, But no thoughts are devoted to end the blockade, no idea to end the occupation of Palestine. These dark prospects for Palestine are a sad reality and no ferrytale of the Gaza gouverneur Abdallah Frangi, appointed by President Mahmud Abbas. Abdallah Frangi again and again dreams about the Fata Morgana of a two-states solution!

Germany and Mrs. Merkel are responsible for the Palestinians as Hitler’s last victims, because after the ejection of the Jews, the ejection of the Palestinians followed. In 2014 we should think of that when commemorating September 1st 1939!



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