We Won`t Stop Filming We Won`t Stop Writing By Gideon Levy

Resest is to Exist Gideon Levyn will not stop writing


Opinion // We Won’t Stop Filming, We Won’t Stop Writing

The Knesset could act not just against the press, but against human rights groups and Palestinians, the last witnesses for the prosecution against the occupation

Gideon Levy

Jun 17, 2018 10:42 PM

We will violate this law proudly. We have an obligation to violate this law, like any law with a black flag waving over it. We will not stop documenting. We will not stop photographing. We will not stop writing – with all our might.

Human rights organizations will do the same too and like them, we hope, Palestinian eyewitnesses, who will of course be punished more than anyone. According to the proposed law passed Sunday by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation [but also called for some of the wording to be changed], individuals documenting the actions of Israel Defense Forces soldiers in the West Bank may be sent to jail for as much as five years, under certain circumstances.

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