Jailed for calling Palestinian Authority rotten

Diese empörende Verhaftung des Palästinensers Kifah Ouzmar   in Ramallah wegen eines Facebookeintrags, indem er die  gegen die „Vichy-Abbas Behörde“ als das bezeichnet, was sie ist,  nämlich verrottet nennt. Diese Verhaftung zeigt wie die  „Sicherheitszusammenarbeit“ der Kollaborateure zwischen der Palästinenserbehörde und dem „Jüdischen Staat“ funktioniert.

Kifah Quzmar was at a café in downtown Ramallah when a few men followed him to the toilet. After grabbing him, they dragged him out to a car with a yellow Israeli license plate.

The men, it soon transpired, were undercover police working for the Palestinian Authority. They apprehended Quzmar at the West Bank café on 11 May because of comments he had made on Facebook.

Moral bankruptcy

Palestinian scholar Abdel Sattar Qassem argued that such arrests expose the moral bankruptcy and illegitimacy of the PA and its leadership.

Qassem, a political science professor at An-Najah University in the West Bank city of Nablus, has himself been recently arrested for speaking out against the PA.

“Political arrests have been a PA policy since its establishment and they witness increases whenever the PA sees itself under threat,” Qassem told The Electronic Intifada. “They target leftists and Islamists and anyone who is critical of the PA and its security coordination with the Israeli occupation.”


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