The King of the Occupiers and his General  Desertpeace By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski




Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu will agree on the goals of Judaization, illegal occupation, annexation and aggressive war politics, thereby keeping their “chosen” racist people happy.

The King of the Occupiers and his General

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


Just in time for the national day of remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust, two “special” Zionist power politicians misused both the memory of the Holocaust victims and the Covid 19 virus for their own dishonest purposes. While the six million Jews are supposed to stand still for two minutes and the last Holocaust survivors remember the dark days past thanks to strict corona curfews, millions of Palestinians are locked up in their Gaza concentration camp just a few kilometers away. The virus and fear are also spreading to the Palestinians in the illegally occupied West Bank and in the occupied East Jerusalem, where the only hospital in Jerusalem for the Palestinian population was destroyed by Jewish occupation forces.

Palestinian citizens need empathy

It would have been so important and at the right time that the Jewish population had finally become aware of this suffering and, given this Covid 19 pandemic, they had turned empathetically to the Palestinian citizens and given their own occupation crimes a minute’s silence, as well as face to face von Corona would have seen the connecting thing instead of just complaining about its own inconvenience.

Even the “Auschwitz Minister” did not miss the opportunity to participate in an Israeli online campaign

Even the “Auschwitz Minister” Maas did not miss the opportunity to take part in this online campaign and read out the names of two Holocaust victims from his hometown Saarlouis. How important it would have been for this “committed” German Foreign Minister to remember the many Palestinian victims who have no lobby and no support. April 17 is the day of the prisoners, on which all Palestinians worldwide commemorate the Palestinian prisoners in Zionist occupation custody.

All Palestinians are in a kind of captivity

As author and activist Ramzy Baroud said: While people around the world are celebrating Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, it’s not just the Palestinian prisoners who are currently in Israeli prisons, but all Palestinians are in a kind of captivity. Take Palestinians who were born in the Gaza Strip and have never left Gaza, or Palestinians who live in the so-called “C area” in the occupied West Bank who cannot leave without a Israeli permit and cannot pass a military checkpoint. Likewise, those who live behind the apartheid wall are prisoners. Baroud has just launched his new book “These Chains Will Be Broken”, which portrays Palestinian stories of struggle and resistance in Israeli prisons.

More and more judaism with international help

It is important to also remember the approximately 5,700 Palestinian prisoners, including 200 children, 44 women, 5 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 27 journalists and 470 administrative prisoners. Of the 700 prisoners who are in poor health, 200 urgently need medical treatment. Detained children are deprived of their most basic rights and face unfair trials and inhumane treatment that violate their fundamental rights. Every day in occupied Jerusalem, dozens of Palestinian children are arrested or detained in their homes and face deportation from their hometown and heavy fines. All of this happens in the “only” democracy in the Middle East,

No politician and no German medium who are constantly committed to the “Jewish occupation state” was and is not worth this row or a measure this terrible state.

When will Zionist torturers stand before German courts?

A good starting point would be the just started trial in Koblenz on state torture in Syria. Two Syrian ex-intelligence officials are on trial there, Anwar R. and Eyad A. are accused of crimes against humanity; they are said to be responsible for torturing numerous people in the Secret Service detention center. These two defendants left Syria in 2014 and 2018 and came to Germany, and they were arrested here in 2019. If an example is to be made of these two accused by genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, wherever the acts were committed, according to the principle of world law – in Germany it is regulated by the International Criminal Code of 2002 – then I ask myself ,

How much further damage can the anti-Semitism officer Klein do?

If Turkey were at stake, a storm of indignation in Germany would have broken out long ago. German media and politicians, especially the Greens and the Left, are demanding sanctions and punitive measures against Turkey and favorite enemy Erdogan. Netanyahu and the “Jewish state” are kept silent and he is spared sanctions. For this, BDS supporters are wrongly disparaged as anti-Semites. Now the  historian, intellectual, Ernst Bloch, Gera Henkel and Geschwister Scholl award winner Achille Mbembe, who teaches at the South African University of Witwatersrand and was a visiting professor in Cologne last year, was accused by the anti-Semitism commissioner of the Federal Government Felix Klein that he was relativizing the “Holocaust” and questioning Israel’s right to exist, as well as having it without proof, called “activists” of the BDS movement and now wants to prevent Mbembe from giving a lecture at the Ruhrtriennale in August. He is of the embarrassing opinion that this outstanding, internationally recognized scientist would cause “considerable damage” to the Ruhrtriennale.

How much damage can this anti-Semitism officer actually do in Germany? Doesn’t Klein relativize apartheid and occupation crimes with his full support of the “Jewish state”? This man is as unnecessary as his office and should be removed with immediate effect, along with his counterparts who support the Israeli occupation crimes. Incidents of this kind show how urgently we need a racism officer instead of the anti-Semitism officer, whose only job is to ward off criticism of Israel.

Reelected with “Gantz” great help

After the agreement with Gantz, Netanyahu sulkily announced that the government wanted to “save lives” and care for the citizens. After all, thousands of citizens of the “Jewish state” protested against Netanyahu and his anti-democratic measures such as total sealing off and surveillance. These Israeli citizens were ahead of us, as they were allowed to demonstrate, mostly with masks and demonstrating at a safe distance. German citizens, prevented by government decisions and the police, only succeeded after express court rulings. However, there were only small demonstrations with few people and sometimes more than obscure participants and goals.

This grand coalition is a great victory for the corruption-charged Netanyahu against his rival Gantz. One of the biggest disputes was the Likud party’s request for a veto over judicial appointments, for the clear reason that Netanyahu wanted to use his party to do so in the event of a Supreme Court decision refusing him on the expected corruption charges will continue to govern as prime minister or vice. This has now been circumvented by the fact that if Netanyahu came under pressure because of the charges, Gantz would not automatically become prime minister, but that new elections would take place, and Netanyahu had already threatened this. Clever as “Bibi”, he had secured his power and office parallel to the upcoming legal proceedings. This victory across the board enables him to secure the selection of judiciary and lawyers, following the example of friend Trump. There is a glimmer of hope in the Israeli civil rights petition’s petition to the Supreme Court on Tuesday to curtail this power. They want to prevent Netanyahu from becoming prime minister despite charges of corruption.

Netanyahu and Gantz belong to the International Court of Justice

Benny Gantz, on the other hand, the “opposition leader”, has had his blue-and-white alliance broken freezing cold, a failed challenger who means to get a piece of power. He, who betrayed his central campaign promise never to rule with Netanyahu at the helm, has, as Merez MP Tamar Sandberg tweeted so well, made himself “the doormat of a corruption accused, agitator and racist”. He takes up a pitiful remainder of 17 out of a total of 120 mandates, while Netanyahu and his Likud became the strongest faction with 36 seats. If there were to be elections now, polls for blue and white would result in a pitiful 19 seats and Netanyahu’s Likud would be 40 seats. With Gantz’s decision to turn against Palestinian / Arab voters and prefer to ally themselves with the “devil,”

The farce of a “national emergency government”

The corona crisis enabled both politicians not only to govern with the farce of a “national emergency government”, but also to continue to monitor the locations of all Israelis together with the secret service, thereby establishing even greater power and the total surveillance state. At the same time, according to the coalition agreement, the annexation of the occupied West Bank should begin in July, in line with the US peace plan by Trump and son-in-law Kushner. The majority is rejected by the international community as pure lip service and the annexation is sharply criticized by the EU and Palestinians, which consequently will not prevent the Zionist occupying regime from starting with it. As always and so often before, you can be sure.

Apartheid State of the “Jewish People”

The fatal thing is that the weakness and inaction of the international community of this occupier and apartheid regime, which is deeply linked to nepotism and corruption, can sink further and further into ever new Zionist atrocities that violate international law and are inhumane. Racism is governed by politics, and the majority of Jewish Israelis refuse even the smallest concessions to Arab parties or Palestinians as a betrayal of the “Jewish identity of the state”. It was also a significant milestone when, after the adoption of the nation state law in July 2018, the “Jewish state” finally declared itself as an apartheid state for the rights of the “Jewish people”.

Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu, for example, will agree on the goals of Judaization, illegal occupation, annexation and aggressive war politics, thereby keeping their “chosen” racist people happy.

The “Corona Coup” has long since ushered in the dismantling of democracy

This “corona coup” has long since ushered in the dismantling of democracy, in which King Netanyahu and his General Gantz will now take part. Gantz, the upcoming “war minister”, is already pawing his arms as a military to plan Gaza attacks, after joint annexation of the occupied Palestinian country and further attempts to bomb Syria, as was done on Monday, but successfully repelled by Syria. Worse if the Corona virus were used to attack Iran. The virus is believed to offer the best opportunities for populists from Trump to Netanyahu to distract themselves from their difficulties with an army of unemployed and a collapsing economy, to successfully conduct and win election campaigns. German “imitators” should beware.


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