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Why are the western “hypocrites” silent about the goal of Israel, which has been known since the founding of the state.


The Silence of Western Hypocrites

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


Why are the western “hypocrites” silent about the goal of Israel, which has been known since the founding of the state, to unrestrainedly complete their “Greater Israel” as the land of the “Jewish people” in Palestine for all eternity? The “designated” Zionist regime, under the leadership of a “designated prime minister”, is completely open to denouncing, according to Haaretz, a completely new term for a prime minister who is accused of corruption and who is making every effort to undermine existing Israeli law.

The final milestone in the final dictatorship

What the Israeli Supreme Court is hearing this week will be the final milestone on the final path to dictatorship if the judges follow Netanyahu’s will. If he succeeded, he would not only have a say and a de facto power of attorney over the future filling of senior posts in the judicial system and could thus secure his immunity and power for the future. A bleak future should it come to that. Under the Netanyahu regime, this state with no clearly defined borders and constitution has degenerated into a “self-service shop” of a family and right-wing supporters who have managed to work continuously and successfully on the Judaism of Palestine as well as on building their own legends . Bad thing about it is that he is still elected by a broad racist majority of Israelis, and he has succeeded in getting so-called “opposition members” on his side, because even they can only get a piece of the Zionist power cake if they join this chorus of the willing.

Any legal compliance has long been thrown overboard

How far can an apartheid and annexation system plus ethnic cleansing in Palestine go down? There is not much room left. But thanks to the help of the international community led by the United States, the regime can be so sure that nothing can stop it on its constant journey to judaise Palestine and slowly but surely get rid of its native population. All legal conformity has long been overboard – and especially unbridled by this “designated regime”. It is downright repugnant that the German government is increasingly allying itself with this occupation regime, which is anything but “the only democracy in the Middle East”. Just as false and false is the constant propaganda insistence on recognition of the “right to exist of the Jewish state”, that is not made more true by this hasbara. If the Federal Government were concerned with compliance with international law and general human rights, there would be no question, and under no circumstances, the support of a state that has been continuously on its way into the “ethnically pure Jewish state” over all democratic legal norms, international law and Overrides human rights and is gradually robbing the Palestinians of their land, destroying houses, villages and lands.

Massively increase “war budget”

This federal government, which repeatedly speaks of “western values”, has long been trampling on them when it comes to the achievement of goals. This is not only unfortunate, but as hypocritical as politics and its representatives. They continue to take part in wars, plan new purchases of US fighter-bombers and want to massively increase the “war budget”. While German taxpayers will soon be bleeding heavily because of Corona aid, one probably thinks that a few billion for armaments are not so noticeable. While small businesses are worried about their existence, large lobby groups are crying out for subsidies and government aid at taxpayer costs.

Whoever shouts the loudest should be given the most thought – at the forefront, auto industry, pharmaceutical lobby and not to forget the Israel lobby. In fact, in this lobby in particular, every wish is read from the eyes. As a current example, the “Hezbollah ban”, more precisely, the activity for this Lebanese party, a measure that must be criticized with disgust, because it is not about dangerous terrorists in Germany, but about associations that are active here, the donations for Lebanon collect, which is still suffering from the consequences of the Israeli war crimes and which is repeatedly threatened by Israeli air strikes that violate international law. In Lebanon itself, this party, founded as a resistance organization, is involved in the government and firmly anchored in the people.

There is only one right to exist for a free Palestine

Why the ban right now? Quite simply, this disgraceful obedience to the carcasses in front of the Israel lobby is an important measure to distract from the announced annexations of the Palestinian country and to build on it before the expected worldwide protests. This way, this German federal government is once again guilty of serving on behalf of the “Jewish apartheid system” – and that 75 years after the end of the war and liberation from the Nazi regime. Didn’t we learn anything? It does not seem like much, otherwise we would not support a colonial and undemocratic Jewish apartheid system after overcoming this Nazi regime, let alone support the German rationale for its security. No, there is no right to exist for this regime.

But what can you expect from this government, and from a Secretary of State who prides himself on going into politics “because of Auschwitz”, but who is committed to US nuclear bombs on German soil? His party colleague, the SPD faction leader Mützenich, demands the withdrawal of the remaining US nuclear weapons from the Federal Republic. Quote: “It is time for Germany to exclude stationing in the future”. This demand is more than overdue, but is being violently attacked by “transatlantic trolls” from all parties and by mainstream media. For the majority of German citizens, “the Russian and Putin” are not the threat, but rather the one-sided policy that has been incorporated into us under public law with the help of the media and which only creates images of the enemy. China, Russia and Turkey are the new old enemies.

The United States has allied itself with the Zionist regime against Palestine, and has been threatening – after most of the Arab countries have been “bombed into the Stone Age” – for years. It is difficult to imagine that it is the German “values ​​politicians” who stand in their way on their genocidal path. In their sick russophobia, the German NATO-olive-GREEN are sure to conform to their former foreign minister and reliable Israel lobbyist, who has emerged again with his shameful opinion that Germany must question “instinctive pacifism”.

Zionist whisperers are up to mischief

In times of the corona pandemic, leading politicians and the media have closed their eyes to the serious violations of the law by the Zionist regime. While the catastrophic US management of Trump and son-in-law Kushner are up to mischief as a Zionist whisperer, many essentials are swept under the Corona table. A paradise for achieving political Zionist goals that allow the criminal plans of annexation of just 30 percent of historic Palestine and deprivation of liberties to perish. Israel has already reported that researchers have succeeded in developing a Covid-19 vaccine based on antibodies in secret laboratories and are planning to register a patent to find a company for mass production.

“Eat or die”

Even before the Corona era, Zionist regimes had stolen Palestinian lands from the eyes of the world and the media for decades, establishing illegal settlements. UN resolutions were not recognized, were branded anti-Semitic and could be vetoed, especially through US aid. While the Palestinians, thanks to unchecked annexation, also undermined the last illusion of their own state, a patchwork remained, which forces them to take the alternative according to the motto “eat or die”, take or leave it, at the request of the Kushner-Trump US – “Peace plan”, which does not serve peace, but has only one goal: everything must benefit the “Jewish state”.

The Zionist regime is spreading in this colonized Palestine Bantustan. Turkey was the first country to condemn the proposed annexation as a dangerous way of thinking that undermines international law and that cannot be accepted or supported by any member of the international community who has a sense of justice and responsibility. Apart from Turkey, Hamas and Hezbollah, the illegal US-backed stance has received little criticism. The Zionistically corrupt PA agency under Abbas also failed to provide an appropriate response; who “wanted to take appropriate measures. We could see what they looked like from the countless arrests of Palestinians who dared to take action against this “Zionist” Palestinian Authority.

This coalition only strives for power, oppression and expansion

No, the Netanyahu-Gantz coalition does not strive for peace and regional stability, but only for power, expansion, and oppression. It is now time to exclude this apartheid-occupying state from the UN. Just because of the countless violations of international and human rights and the disregard of all UN decisions, especially the non-implementation of the right of return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland according to UN Resolution 194, the implementation of which was the condition for Israel’s membership! The German government, in particular, would be obliged to reflect on compliance with international law and human rights, especially in memory of the Holocaust, which Israel is abusing more than ever.

It would be the duty of the international community led by Germany to prevent a “Greater Israel” founded on the robbery of Palestine. As a lesson from the Holocaust, the racist ideology of Jewish Zionist colonialism and the expansion through annexation must be stopped immediately. And that is only possible through sanctions and the due breach of silence by the “hypocrites”.

72 years of illegal occupation and Judaism in Palestine are enough

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