Why do Jews not stand up against Hatred?

By Jakub Szypulka (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
By Jakub Szypulka (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

On Friday, September 19, there were demonstrations and rallies against hatred and injustice all over Germany. The demonstrators wanted to call up for peace and extremism. It was very praiseworthy how four of the German Islam associations spoke out against violence in the name of Islam. Their coordination association explained that one hopes for a positive signal effect for the conflicts in the Near East by setting an example of living together in peace.

But it seems to me rather hypocritical that the President of Central Council of Jews, Dieter Graumann, did not consider it necessary to invite a Muslim representative as speaker to the most unnecessary demonstration of the year on September 14 in Berlin. Now he pretends to declare his solidarity with this day of action. Ayman Mayzek as the first representative of the Central Council of Muslims would have very much liked to hold a speech against hatred of Jews in Berlin. But he did not get the chance to do so! Only the representatives of the „Christian-Jewish community of values” like e.g. the Protestant President Schneider and Cardinal Marx got this opportunity! But the latter never attracted my attention by distancing themselves from extremists of their own religion!

Graumann does not want to be neutral concerning Israel. However, he defends a „Jewish occupying ethnocraty“ in blind loyality. The Israeli government is committing war crimes and international law crimes against Muslims. And now this same Graumann demands from Muslims to distance themselves from extremists among their own people – which they hastily did!

Why does he not dissociate from Jewish extremists moving in droves throughout the Jewish state shouting „Death for the Arabs!“ Such slogans also painted on Palestinian houses and walls. Why does he not dissociate from Jewish extremists and settlers attacking, injuring and even murdering Palestinians, and distroying their harvests, olive trees and infrastructure?

Why does he not distance himself from the assistant parliament speaker of the „Jewish state“, Moshe Feiglin, who during the Gaza-massacre called „Gaza the eternal part of the Jewish state“ and said that only Jewish people deserve „full citizenship“. This means only Jewish people deserve to be Israeli citizens. He even said that Arabs are „a society of thieves and robbers“. This small selection of fascist and racist utterances could be continued filling pages. Hate speeches by politicians and rabbies have become a legitimate sports game in the „Jewish state“. (1)

By Jakub Szypulka (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
By Jakub Szypulka (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Such statements would lead to serious consequences in democratic states. But there you are quiet, Dieter Graumann! Or does this silence even mean that you are in solidly united with such utterances? Graumann even got the opportunity of giving a “sign of solidarity” in a mosque in Frankfurt. What kind of solidarity is this? He pretends to show solidarity with Muslims by accusing them to have „shouted the worst kind of anti-semitic slogans in German streets“. He even observes a wave of „Muslim hatred of Jews“ all over Europe which reminds him of the worst times ever since the Nazi aera. What a concentrated charge of simplifying and averting falsehood. And how do the Muslim associations react? They allow themselves to be used by these assertions and dissociate from the Islam extremists – like chairman Ayman Mayzek cited in Springer-BILD! (2)

Before these associations like the Central Council of Muslims and Mayzek dissociate from extremists of their own religion, why do they not ask the Central Council of Jews and other Jewish organizations to finally dissociate from „Jewish extremists“ and from a „Jewish state“ who do not grant minorities the same democratic rights in their country and who has a kind of a “Jewish Sharia” legislation in Israel! Thus it is not possible in the “Jewish state” to marry without a „Jewish marriage ceremony“ with an orthodox rabbi. This also makes it impossible for anybody to marry a non-Jewish partner. The Halacha as a living legislation in Israel! (3) And the „Jewish defence soldiers“ are blessed for their murderous deployment! (4) Tanks and jet fighters carry the emblem of the Star of David. And the orthodox fighters – one could call them „Judaists“ – belong to the most brutal “unities of defence soldiers”.

Maybe such Jewish functionaries complaining about anti-semistism in the centre of German society should think a bit more about the following facts, just like German politicians hastily parroting these sentences in their unchecked philosemitism but at the same time forget that the right wing and racism has long reached the centre of „the Jewish occupier state“ and is well established there. (5)

But seemingly the many hundreds of drowned refugees from the Gaza-Ghetto trying to flee the misery and hopless situation of the Gaza strip had to pay a lot of money to facilitator gangs. In spite of this they had to pay with their lives for these tunnel walking tours and boat trips. But it seems that these refugees did not fear death as much as the dreadful life without any perspectives in the destroyed Gaza strip closed

off on on side by Egypt and on the other side by the „Jewish occupiers“! For all her promises the „Jewish state“ does not make any concessions. It is only a matter of time when she starts attacking again. Should these quarrels, mutual allegations and resignations of the „Jewish state’s“ government continue – one can assume so – then this day will arrive sooner than expected. For the „Jewish state’s“ government needs war and devastation for a diversion because the „Jewish state“ cannot handle peace! Israel wants everything but no peace! The „Jewish state“ is only waiting for rockets from Gaza in order to be able to “react”.

It is not for nothing that in the Gaza strip Hamas and her resistence are getting more and more support! At least they do something, more and more people say! In fact Hamas is in no way a terror organization nowadays. She is much rather an elected ruling party who has to be taken seriously. Who knows who would come after Hamas, if conditions of the sealed-off Gaza strip and of occupied Palestine finally do not improve and if people’s lives do not become more bearable.

Thus one is breeding utterly fearless extremists especially among youngsters who have nothing to lose except their miserable lives. Politicians should think about this when decrying „islamic terrorism“ and when they want to fight terrorism!

One should look for the reasons for extremism and for solutions how to end the occupation, the lockdown and the humilitation! All these youngsters prone to religious fanatism and extremism, are they not appelled at the contempt and lack of respect for islamic life?

Without involving Hamas into a peace solution and only involving the „moderate Fatah“ who has come so well to terms with the West and with the „Jewish occupants“, there will never be a positive signal for the traumatized Palestinian society.

Finish denying the Palestinians to return to Palestine! No more land robbery in Palestine! Finish with occupation and the lockdown instead of demanding false solidarity with war crimes and human rights violation in further demonstrations!

I miss President Graumann’s empathy with the Palestinians. I also miss the “Federal Gauck’s” slogans concerning the “Jewish state” – similiar slogans he uttered so boastfully against Russia. He accused Russia for her breach of international law and of human rights. He also finds it impossible to officially visit Russia in the light of the „Ukraine situation“! The „Federal provocateur“ never had such doubts when he officially visited the „Jewish state“ and he never criticized Israel quite contrary to criticizing states like Russia and Turkey he so much likes to criticize!

Again Gauck pleaded for a NATO “east extension”. He also suggested that one should „earlier have a closer inspection“ considering conflicts. Only when it comes to human rights violations and the breach of international law by the „Jewish occupier state“ sharing the same values and the reasons of state with us, the „Priest President“ kindly condones the “Jewish state” in a Christian way! There he does not have the guts! This „polemic president“ is already animated with his second term of office in Schloss Bellevue: Halleluja! And of course he has not observed the retirement petition meanwhile secluded! (6) Thinking of this „self-regarding Gauck“ and his buzzwords about freedom and responsibility in his very sense only fills me with horror!

Mr. President Graumann and Mr. President Gauck, freedom is indivisible and equally applies to all human beings. In your position one must not distribute responsibility partially in such a way!

Freedom and responsibility are very important for human coexistence, but presidents are not important!

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